New face of HB basketball


The center circle of the Hollis Brookline basketball court will be the starting point of many successful games this upcoming season.

Jonathon Brunkhardt, Staff Writer

After coming off of an impressive 12-6 season and a playoff run to the semifinals, the Hollis Brookline Varsity Boys basketball team has a new leader at the helm. Cole Etten was hired as the new varsity basketball head coach in late September. Etten formerly coached at Bishop Brady High School, a team which was successful under his leadership and guidance. He was hired in place of former coach Michael Soucy who took the job of Athletic Director at Merrimack High School. Soucy will definitely be missed by the Hollis Brookline community, but the school is excited for Etten.

Regardless of the coaching change, the boys basketball team looks to translate their success into this season. “You have to go into every season thinking like you’re there to win, and this group of guys knows that is what we’re doing,” said Matt Dowling 18’. Often in sports, a team will lose a coach when their team is doing poorly, but with HB this is not the case. Coming off of a winning season, there isn’t much players would like to see changed. “There won’t be much change, practices may be a little different; our game plan and playing style will mostly be the same,” said Matt Simco 18’. It looks like the boys will get back into the swing of things without missing a beat.

Etten is familiar with the culture of HB, formerly attending the school, and the school will welcome him with open arms. Many believe that formerly being a part of the Hollis Brookline community could help him fit in here, and Assistant Principal, Mr. Ouellette agrees: “He played here and understands the culture of the school.” Unlike most new coaches, the adjustment period will be short for Etten as he returns to where it all began.