You Won’t BELIEVE What Student Council is up to!


Senior Class Representative Jack Aldana-Proulx spends his fourth period in the library assisting Christine Heaton. He is a stand up individual and a wonderful spokesman for the senior class.

Patrick Grimes, Humor Editor

Student council: a group that often goes overlooked by the student body at large, yet they are at the core of all that goes on for their class, especially  senior year. Without the Student Council, though, many of the essential parts of senior year would not happen: prom, senior trips, and the senior prank, for example.


When asked about prom, Jack Aldana-Proulx ‘18 replied, “Prom is the goal– it’s not the focus.” He added that in order for prom to happen, many other things need to occur, namely fundraising. As for the senior trip, Jack said that that would be determined by how much money they can raise; and for the senior prank, they are still working on something that’ll be equal parts fun and legal.


Unfortunately, much of the senior class just doesn’t give Student Council the time of day. When asked how he thought Student Council was doing, Ryan Farquhar ‘18 had this to say: “I dunno, they’re probably doing fine, I guess.” Farquhar admitted to not really having any idea as to what Student Council was up to. Aldana-Proulx said that the best way to find out what the senior class is doing is to join their Google Classroom, which not a lot of students have done.


But regardless, even without 100% of the student body’s support, the senior class is going to do their darndest to make this year the best one yet