Homecoming tradition continues to entertain


Students enjoy socializing and dancing in the mini gym. Adam McQuilkin ’18, photographer and Senior student council president, said, “Homecoming was a huge success, it came out better than I could have hoped thanks to the wonderful Mr. Perry and Ms. Ainsworth-Brown, our class advisers, and the HB student body.”

Isaac Wimmer, Op-Ed Editor

This year’s Homecoming festivities were a blowout success, with higher attendance among both upper and lower classmen, quality concessions, and genuinely good spirits all around. The event ran from 7-10 p.m. in the mini-gym, with concessions situated in the main gym. The music was provided by student Ryan Olson ’18, and he facilitated some pretty enthusiastic dancing.

The distribution of upperclassmen and lowerclassmen was more balanced than it has been in the past, as advertising efforts leading up to the event were strong enough to pull in many curious passersby. The impressive turnout contributed favorably to the festivities of the night.

Ryan Olson ’18 and JP Blasi ‘18 worked the music, and they maintained quality song choice so as to incentivise as much dancing as possible. Jack Aldana Proulx ’18 said the “song choice[s were] tailored to the crowd as they came.” Ben Osborn ’18 echoed this sentiment, stating that “Homecoming was a blast and the song choice was prime.”

The availability of refreshments was also integral to the event’s success. Michael Friedman ’18 and Patrick Bloniasz ’18 both put in tremendous effort in ensuring that all attendees remained fully hydrated and nourished. The bottled waters, potato chips, and candy really took the festivities to the next level.

This year’s homecoming successfully exceeded the precedence set by last year’s homecoming. The spirit of school pride and general camaraderie set an impressive standard for all Homecomings to follow.