Farm fresh Fridays


Candice Hancock

Students pose with the Farm Fresh poster. Students Eryn Bavis ‘18, Shannon Heidel ‘18, Emma Moir ‘18, Rhiannon Shebak ‘18, Ashlyn Bodholdt ‘18, Richard Huppe ‘18 are in Foods and Nutrition 2 and are helping out with the Farm Fresh Fridays for the month of October. “I think the food is tasty if you cook it right,” Emma Moir said.

Emily Mitchell, Staff Writer

October is a wonderful month, featuring Halloween, fall, and pumpkin-spiced everything; but did you know it’s National Farm to School Month? “Farm to School” is a partnership program dedicated to bringing in local foods from nearby farms for students to eat in the cafeteria. Hollis Brookline is participating with Lull Farm, which results in fresh lunches, featuring apples, butternut squash, roasted carrots, baked cabbage steaks, and many other dishes.


The Farm Fresh Fridays aren’t exclusive to just Lull farm and the cafeteria. Some of the Family and Consumer Science teacher Candice Hancock’s classes, such as Interior Decorating and Foods and Nutrition 2, are helping out. In the Interior Decorating class, they designed the colorful posters all around the school. “It sounds like a great way for kids to get healthy,” Interior Design class member Rachel Romanow ‘18 said, being one of the students who helped make the posters around school. One student, Laura Bruzzo ‘19, made a photo booth to take photos with friends.


In Foods and Nutrition 2, they helped prepare the food on Thursday for the following Friday. Emma Moir ‘18 said it was fun to make the items served on Fridays. “I think it’s really cool, but I don’t like veggies,” Rhiannon Shebak ‘18 said.


This event is a country wide occurrence. The month-long event has been going on at Hollis Brookline for five years, last year being the only exception. Candice Hancock said that a big reason they do this is to create an awareness of local farms in school cafeterias.