Spooky Halloween 2017

Emily Mitchell, Staff Writer

Halloween started around 2,000 years ago in what is now Ireland and Northern France. Today we celebrate with trick-or-treating, dressing up in elaborate costumes, decorating homes and throwing bashes with friends.

For some students, it’s not that big of a deal, but they still enjoy some aspects of it. “I love pranking, it’s fun for me to do,”  said Anna Goussious ‘20. She also said she enjoyed going around and getting candy, despite not being a huge fan of Halloween. Emily Zimmerman ‘20 said she spends Halloween messing around with makeup, creating creepy designs.

Others take Halloween to the next level, such as elaborate costumes and decorating the entire house. “It’s my favorite holiday,” Rhiannon Shebak ‘18 stated. Some students set up yard decorations or create a scene for trick-or-treaters to experience as they go hunting for candy on Halloween night.

Halloween is even fun for teachers, who get to dress up on the day of the Halloween assembly. For some teachers, it brings back memories of Halloween when their kids were little. “It’s fun when you have a small child. I loved Halloween with my kids,” said Lorna Spargo, computer and technology teacher. However no matter what your age is, it’s fun.

Halloween is a holiday full of jack o’lanterns, ghosts, scary stories, and candy. Carve your pumpkins and set up your spooky decor. Even with power out this year, Hollis and Brookline made sure nothing was going to postpone Halloween!