Once a sporty dude, always a sporty dude?


Caption: Maxwell “Stoic” Porter ‘18 plays hockey like nobody’s business! (Photo Credit: Lisa Porter)

Patrick Grimes, Staff Writer

Senior year is a time of change for all involved. Students are tasked with deciding where and what they’ll study for the next several years to come. And with that comes saying goodbye to friends, family, hobbies, and sports. So what are some senior star athletes’ plans for their sporting careers in college?

Matthew Dowling ’18 is on the varsity basketball team here at HB. He plans on continuing to play basketball when he goes to college, of which he’s applying to URI, Stevens Institute of Technology, and WPI. Dowling said he’d play “not at the varsity level, but definitely intramurally.”

Jonathan Brackett ’18 is also another star athlete here at HB, for the varsity soccer team. He also plans on continuing the sport in his college career. He has committed to playing at the D3 level for St. Joseph’s.

Finally, there’s Maxwell Porter ’18, who plays hockey, and is also planning on doing so in college. He wants to play the sport at a more casual level than Brackett or Dowling, however. Porter is applying to WPI, UNH, and UMass Lowell. When asked whether he would play hockey at the club or varsity level, Porter responded, “Yes.” When asked for clarification, Porter replied, “Oh, wait, I mean at the club level.”

So it stands to reckon that for these sporty dudes at least, they’re sporty dudes for life, and not even the changes of college life will change them.