Fun-tastic English electives


Emily Mitchell

Sharing pieces, as the class was going on. Audrey Solinas ‘18, Kierra Dean ‘19, and Caleb Hadley ‘18 circled together as each took a turn sharing what they were working on.

Emily Mitchell, Staff Writer

There are lots of fun semester-long classes to take if someone enjoys English; some focus more on different styles of writing, while others dissect different film elements. Each elective differs from the others in their own style–what you learn and what you get out of it. Some electives in the HBHS English Department that students can take take include Advance Writing, Film Studies and Science Fiction.

Advanced Writing is a continuation of regular writing, with more in depth learning of various writing styles. In this English elective, you learn more about different types of writing. Some styles are Dystopia, Realistic, and Slam Poems. Kieran Mulligan ‘18 stated Advanced writing was fun and is good to spend time in.

Science Fiction is a study of some of the influential novels, short stories, graphic novels and film formats. It shows how we view our own world. “Sci-Fi is a wonderful class. There’s no Ethan Frome and the books are fun to read and the teacher is energetic and nice,” said Emily Dahlstrom ‘18.

Film Studies is a class for people to understand a greater appreciation for film. In this class, you can explore different elements of many genres and examine basic film theory. “I enjoy getting to expand my knowledge of a variety of different film genres while learning about how to look at movies in a new ways such as camera angles and lighting and how they affect a scene,” Carolyn Scalia ‘18 said.

These are just a few of the elective offerings in the English department, but There’s an English class to satisfy whatever you want to learn. There’s plenty of other electives as well like Poetry, Memoirs and Advanced Media and Publishing. The classes are a fun way to learn more about different aspects of English.