Public forum and school board presentation


Mary Martin

Superintendent Andrew Corey delivers a presentation on the current conditions and the proposed changes to the facilities. He answered questions from the audience.

Mary Martin, Assistant Editor

The Facilities Committee held a second public forum at the high school on Tuesday, Dec. 6, to inform voters and receive input on the proposed changes to facilities. At the event, community members took a tour of the current weight room space. After the tour, a presentation was held in the auditorium, followed by a question and answer session. Students and voters were able to express their support, concerns, and questions about the potential renovations.

The proposed changes will have a great impact on the robotics team and STEM programs at HB. With over 100 STEM participants across Hollis and Brookline, the new robotics lab will definitely be utilized. It will also expand opportunities for all students wishing to pursue STEM in their high school years and beyond. Cam Hallett ‘20, a member of the various STEM groups, including the high school’s robotics team, said that the new space will provide adequate storage space, accommodate new members, allow students to work during the school day, along with an endless list of opportunities. “It makes a huge difference,” Hallett said.

Hallett, a sophomore, attended the forum to show support and to give a presentation. He wowed the audience with a 3D simulation of the proposed changes–a design he spent over 30 hours creating. The virtual reality project allows viewers to see all around the space as if they were in it. Tom Whalen, Booster Club President, narrated the virtual tour.

On Dec. 20, Hallett and Whalen presented their simulation to the Cooperative School Board. This gave board members a better look at what they have been planning.

Kaleigh Whalen ‘20, a student athlete, did not attend the event. However, she did express her support for the proposed changes saying, “I think it’s an exciting improvement for our school.”  Kaleigh added that, although she doesn’t participate in the robotics program, she knows that updated equipment and a safer work space are important and “will help our school in the future.”

Eligible residents of Hollis and Brookline can vote on the changes in March.


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