Time of the Season


Curtis Sherwood

The football and cheerleading teams had sucessful seasons, with the boys making it to the playoffs and the girls doing well at multiple cheer competitions.

Michael Friedman, News Editor

As the new year comes around, we often find ourselves looking back upon the year behind us. In this spirit, we have taken the opportunity to view the fall sports in review. For seniors, an emotional final season lies behind them, but for the underclassmen, a world of opportunity is in store. This past fall season was filled with surprises, ups and downs, wins and, for some, losses. Here is a guide to the how the season went for the fall sports at HB:


Field Hockey:

The girls field hockey team had a turbulent season and a surprise ending. After playing hard in their games, the team laid on the verge of making playoffs at the end. Beyond all expectations, the team won their final game and advanced to the playoffs. They did lose that subsequent game, but not without a hard-fought battle. Gabi Frugard ‘18 said, “It was a losing season…but it was fun. It was a good season. We played really well as a team and had a good team dynamic.”



The girls soccer team had a season that Captain Maddie McCann ‘18 described as “on paper, it might not look like it went that well, because we didn’t necessarily win a lot of games, but the group of girls this season has been the best I’ve seen in my four years.” Despite not winning many games, the team bonded well and felt strong as a unit. It was this aspect they saw as their true victory.

The boys soccer team had a strong season. They made playoffs after a fairly successful season, but unfortunately they lost in the first round. Captain JB Brackett ‘18 said of the season, “The regular season went a lot better than we expected it to go…everyone expected us to be in the middle of the pack…but this year we put our heads down and pushed forwards.”



The football team faced some tough roadblocks this season, including losing their starting quarterback, Joey Delaney ‘18, due to a significant injury in their first game of the season. Their new quarterback, sophomore Sander Wimmer, had certainly performed as, if not better than, expected. The team ended the season with a record of 6-2, but after an invigorating win in their last regular season game, the team lost in their first game of the playoffs. “The playoffs didn’t go how we expected, but the season overall went really well and I think that we will be really good again next year,” said wide receiver and captain Matt Simco ‘18.


Cross Country:

The cross country teams got a new coach this year: Wilson Mason, an HB alum from the class of 2009. Yet, the girls cross country team had some troubles, even from the beginning. A stream of injuries on varsity put the team at a severe disadvantage. They did run well at their meets at Belmont and Sanborn, but overall, they did not have their best season. Captain Megan Crampton ‘18 recommended that they try “using their arms” more.

On the flip side, the boys had a fantastic season. Kenny Corsetti ‘19 won their last three meets, which led them them into the Division II Championships. According to the girls team, they had a good shot at making it to the Meet of Champions, but it turned out that injuries suffered earlier in the season kept them out of that event.



The golf team had a great season this year. Cayden Plummer ‘21 described it as “peaking at the right time”. Finishing at third in the state, the golf team enjoyed their success. Plummer said, “It certainly was interesting being a freshman in sports. But it was a lot of fun, and I’m glad I did it.”



“Our crew season this fall has been the most successful one yet,” said Captain Trai Jimeno ‘18. After having lost a significant number of seniors last year, the future success of the club remained uncertain. However, many freshmen joined, and this influx of novice rowers contributed to their winning several medals. They performed very well at competitions such as the Head of the Fish in Saratoga, New York, and Head of the Charles in Boston.



“Our season was outstanding and we received the best score at a competition since I have been on the team,” said Captain Ashlyn Bodholdt ‘18. The cheerleading squad went to several competitions, and was quite successful as they continued to learn more advanced stunts. In addition, they wore the name “Hannah” on their bows in memoriam of Hannah Bazemore, their fellow squad member. Their winter season is now in full swing, but the transition between seasons was tough due to the loss of some strong members. Nonetheless, they look forward to a great winter season.


Girls Volleyball:

Perhaps the shining stars of HB athletics so far this year have been the girls on the volleyball team. Having won their third consecutive championship title, the girls volleyball squad was undefeated in their season. “I was very sure that we would make it to the championships,” said Manager Jack Sinclair ‘19. “We didn’t really have any major issues, and the team had a great chemistry which helped a lot.”


Overall, despite some setbacks, HB enjoyed a fruitful fall sports season.