Canada Goose Jackets and Animal Rights


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The popular Canada Goose jackets use real coyote fur trim on their hoods as well as goose down to insulate their jackets. “I think the use of animal products in any kind of clothing is cruel,” said MacKenzie Whalen, an animal lover.

Mary Martin, Assistant Editor

Canada Goose jackets are everywhere this winter season, but at what cost? The warm coats come at a steep price for your wallets, and for the lives of the animals.

The brand’s claims of being transparent and ethical have been challenged time and time again by the emergence of chilling videos that show live wolves being tortured and skinned for their fur. Sold at prices over $1,000, the fashionable jackets display a ring of real wolf fur around the hood as well as goose down filling to keep users warm. The company claims that they “do not condone any willful mistreatment and neglect of animals or acts that maliciously cause undue pain, injury or suffering.” However, their use of goose down, plucked from live geese, is hotly contested because of the inhumane suffering that the geese experience.

For someone looking for a stylish, warm jacket this winter, there are many cruelty-free alternatives, made by brands like Patagonia and Columbia, which use synthetic down. MacKenzie Whalen, an animal rights enthusiast, says that “Now we make synthetic material that is [arguably] more effective and makes animal simply a status symbol, and I believe very strongly that animals should never be killed to become a status symbol.” She went on to comment that those who use or consume animal products should be educated on where it comes from and how the animal was treated.

Victoria Bruzik ‘20, who is interested in purchasing a Canada Goose jacket, said the use of animal products in the parka isn’t the best, but it doesn’t take away from the appeals. “Canada Goose are warm, dependable jackets that are both fashionable and reliable,” Bruzik commented.

The use of fur and animal products in the fashion industry is ubiquitous. However, many companies, like Gucci, Hugo Boss, and Michael Kors, announced their plans to become fur-free. This animal rights movement is gaining a lot of traction, with hopes that the mistreatment of animals will be minimized.