Senior night for HB wrestling


Mitchell Dreyer

HB junior Andrew Wink squares off against a Windham wrestler.

Mitch Dreyer, Staff Writer

With the 2017-2018 wrestling season coming to an end, four seniors competed on the home mats one last time. Clement Sherwood, Cameron Dreyer, Cameron LaPierre, and Savannah Eliza were the seniors who were be honored on this special night all about them. The meet took place at 6pm on Thursday, February 7. Each athlete was called to the middle of the mat with their families to honor their commitment to wrestling and to appreciate their parents for supporting them throughout their four years of high school by giving them roses. In a hard fought battle against Windham, HB lost 43-34, making them 10-4 on the season.

Clement Sherwood ‘18, a team captain, is in the 195 pound weight class and is known as one of the most experienced and skilled wrestlers on the team. When asked what wrestling has taught him over the years he said, “It has taught me many life lessons such as hard work pays off and to never give up.” This is especially true for Sherwood, who currently is tied for the best record on the team and earned his 100th career win early in this year’s season.

Cameron LaPierre ‘18 is in the 152 pound weight class and is a true example of how putting work in the offseason pays off. Freshman and sophomore year he was placed on junior varsity to prepare for the years ahead. Junior year he made a spot on varsity and worked very hard the following offseason to be in the position where he is now. Cam is currently one of the best wrestlers on the team with a record of 28-9, which ties Sherwood’s record this season. Last year he earned just 12 wins. Cam had a lot to say about his hard work: “The work I put in when no one was watching is what made a huge difference when the time came to perform in front of others.” When asked to elaborate on what Cam has learned from wrestling and how it has molded him into the person he is today, he responded with, “Much of what I learned from this sport I applied to my everyday life. It’s helped me become not only a better student athlete, but a better person overall. I also learned to never give in to a loss or failure and that those who are successful are the ones who’ve learned to keep pushing forward no matter what.” Cam looks to finish the season strong and possibly wrestle in college next year.

Cameron Dreyer’ 18, a team captain, is in the 120 pound weight class. Cam is known for his leadership and being a role model for the underclassmen. He is having a pretty successful season and when asked what this season meant to him, he said, “This season has been the best one out of the last four years. What makes it stand out is the team dynamic that’s been going on. Everyone has been great role models on and off the mats, and has kept up awesome focus and intensity during practice.” Cam currently has a winning record and looks to place in the Division II championships on Saturday, February 17.

Savannah Eliza ‘18, is in the 126 pound weight class and is is the only female wrestler on the team. But, she has never let this affect her, and has found much success in her career. Savannah is known for her high spirits and her constant positive attitude. With her and the three others graduating this year, the team will need to fill their spots. Savannah really wants the team to grow even after she is gone and she said, “We need younger kids to join because for the team to stay strong, people will need to fill the four spots once we leave. People should join wrestling because it will make you into an overall better person, both mentally and physically.” Savannah is currently out with a rib fracture, and is unfortunately likely to miss the rest of the season.

Coach Brian Bumpus and the HB wrestling team will be competing at states for individual placements in order to move on and participate in the Meet of Champions, but more importantly a team championship hosted at Conval High School.