Another HB athlete signs


Photo Credit: Justin Holmes '20

Meghan Hill ‘18 and her parents sit front row with (left to right) Principal Richard Barnes, Coach Tracie Thorp, and Athletic Director Ron Rupp in back. Hill signed to play field hockey with St. Joseph’s of Maine on Thursday.

Mark Labak, Sports Editor

Congratulations to Meghan Hill ‘18, on officially signing to further her field hockey career at St. Joseph’s College of Maine.

Hill was excited about the signing: “Not only is [St. Joseph’s] a good school academically, but I love the family dynamic there. I’m super excited to learn more from playing at the next level, but I won’t forget the family and friendships that I’ve built at HB that’ll last forever.”

Coach Jennifer MacLeod knew that when she took over the field hockey team in 2015, Hill was an instant varsity candidate: “I got a chance to first see her play for the middle school team when she was in 7th and 8th grade, and it was clear she was athletic and talented from the start. During her freshman year, when I was considering taking over the coaching job, I couldn’t believe how much she had improved from middle school. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, I would absolutely love to have this girl on varsity.”’

Not only did the midfielder stand out with her level of play, but she was also an even better teammate and leader. “What I really like about [Hill] is that she’s an excellent peer coach. She contributed during huddles and let the girls know what she was seeing. She’s a great role model for the younger players and it’s clear she has the respect of her teammates,” added MacLeod. Two-year teammate Rachel Cerato ‘19 spoke to the leadership qualities of Hill: “She’s a great leader on and off the field. Not only does she make everyone feel included, but she also is great at making everyone around her look better.”

Hill’s friends, teammates, and coaches all used the same phrase to describe her: a hard worker. “It’s been clear to me that she’s super committed and working hard at this. During the off-season, we’d go on runs and she just kept getting better and better,” said football captain Matthew Simco ‘18. Fellow St. Joseph’s athlete-to-be Jonathan Brackett ‘18 had high praise for Hill’s effort as well: “As a good friend of [Hill’s], I look forward to seeing her succeed at the next level. I know she’ll be successful because of her work ethic and her drive to be the best player she can be.”

From the CavChron staff, best of luck to Meghan Hill as she continues her field hockey career at St. Joe’s.