Who’s the greater predator? Examining the enabling of Larry Nassar


Jeff Kowalsky

Larry Nassar attends several weeks of court for sexual assault of many women. In the end, he was sentenced to life in prison. “I think [Nassar] should be locked away for a long time. He should never be let out of prison,” said Mary Martin ‘20.

Kaleigh Whalen, Staff Writer

Former USA Gymnastics National doctor, Larry Nassar, has recently been sentenced to 175 years in prison for his vulgar acts on young girls and women. Over the past two decades, he sexually harassed over 150 young women. Who is to blame: Larry Nassar or the U.S.A Gymnastics and the Olympic Games staff, for enabling him to stay all this time?

After being accused of sexually assaulting over 150 women, it is right to say that the majority of fault falls into Nassar’s hands. He has been estimated to have sexually abused 250 women and girls, but only about three-fifths of these girls confronted him.

Raisman was one of the strong women to testify for the case against Nassar. She had the courage to confront Nassar in person and remind him of his disgusting actions. During the hearing, Raisman said, “The effects of your acts are far reaching. Abuse goes way beyond the moment, often haunting survivors for the rest of their lives.” She also made it clear that the USA Gymnastics has done a deficient job in confronting this case, and that USA Gymnastics have yet to offer the victims an apology for trusting Nassar to associate himself with these young athletes.

Meredith Yardley ‘20, a gymnast, attends the same gym as Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman, a victim of Nassar’s abuse. Yardley explained how many gymnasts are “disgusted” with the fact that this happened. This case may now significantly affect many upcoming gymnasts’ mindsets, but is Nassar the only one to blame?

Another strong recurring argument suggests that many parents as well as coaches were aware of this situation going on for awhile.

The Nassar case has a strong impact on women everywhere. Reliance on male doctors for young women has always been a concern, but even more so after this horrific incident.“This case takes a stand against the mistreatment of women and sexual abuse. It proves to other abusers that women cannot and will not be silenced any longer,”said a strong feminist, Mary Martin ‘20

No athlete should have to endure what these young women experienced. This problem will hopefully make USA Gymnastics and the Olympic Committee finally listen to the athletes. Nassar is a disgrace to the sports medicine field and will forever leave a negative mark on USA Gymnastics and sports history. These survivors have made it clear they will not let this be the end of their career. A revolting man does not deserve to take what these athletes love to do most away from them.