SAT Prep Class HB: is it worth it?


Kyle Simpson

Kenny Corsetti ‘19 reviews his SAT prep book in preparation for the March test. He has scored well on his tests in the past, but knows extra studying is needed. “It is a lot of information to cover, so you have to take it piece by piece if you want a super good score” says Corsetti.

Kyle Simpson, Staff Writer

With the March SAT quickly approaching, juniors at Hollis Brookline are preparing for the test day. Some study on their own, some go to tutors, and others take our very own SAT prep class at HB. But what makes our prep class different? Is it worth it?

The school’s prep course focuses on efficiency. If you are taking the class, your goal is to improve your SAT scores, so everyone is dialed in and focused on learning. “The class has been very helpful so far. It has showed me the many flaws I have in my writing, reading, and math,” says Rob Bardani, ‘19. Bardani, who is currently enrolled in the class, also noted how the class does surprisingly well at targeting the specific needs of students, despite the large class size.

“The class is based off what each student puts in, so the more effort you put into a subject the more you will get out of it,” says JB Brackett, ‘18. Brackett, who took the class last year, says his scores speak for themselves, a compliment to the staffs’ attention to details and dedication towards student success.

But every professional prep course is helpful. What puts ours over the edge?

First off you can’t beat the location. Other classes take place in Milford, Nashua, and Amherst. “It takes me about 25 minutes to get to my prep class in Nashua, so it is a little bit inconvenient,” says Joey Dias, ‘19. With HB’s class offering multiple time slots, including one from 5-7pm and another from 7-9pm, there is a spot to fit everyone’s schedule. Some students can even stay after school and get their homework done and then go right into their prep class.

Some students in other programs struggle with finding a tutor that is passionate about teaching. However our prep course is run by some of the most enthusiastic teachers HB has to offer. Stacey Plummer and Judy McDaniel run the math program, and Lin Illingworth and Claire Pare run the English, so students are surrounded by familiar faces eager to help students learn. Students also have their classmates with them, so it feels like any other class.

You won’t find a better price for a hands-on tutoring program either. For $300, you get nearly two months of practice, and two hours twice a week. Comparing it to other programs that can be up to $50 an hour and with an average of one visit per week, you can’t beat the school’s bang for your buck.

If you put effort in, you’re going to get results. Brackett ‘20 praised the program’s flexibility allowing students to go at their own pace and practice necessary techniques needed to pass the SAT. And while former students have nothing but positives to say about the program, current students have had an excellent first impression. “I would definitely recommend the class. This class has showed me where I am lacking so I can dig deeper in my free time to really hone in on the things I need to know” says Bardani ‘19.

The SATs are a stressful time for students, but HBHS offers a prep class that will provide a serious yet friendly learning environment. With its large enrollment yet customizable work plan, students will feel comfortable among their peers and have fantastic outlets and teachers to aid them. SATs are all about your work ethic, and our program maximizes each students potential.