USA’s Shocking Results


Kaleigh Whalen

Abi Blasi looks through the final Olympic results as she sits in class. She found the medal count not to be a surprise. “…I could tell Norway would do well from the start,” said Blasi.

Kaleigh Whalen, Staff Writer

With the commencement of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, the United States did not do as well as they intended to. Although many athletes did fulfill their Olympic dreams, it was not quite enough for the U.S.A team to take the lead in the medal count. Many U.S fans were disappointed in this year’s outcome, but the competition has evolved throughout the years.

Shaun White has been one of the most successful winter olympians in US history, and has just recently won the USA’s 100th gold medal of the Winter Olympic Games. “…I’m definitely proud- very proud- to be a part of Team U.S.A and being an American and to be representing for everyone back home,” said White. Although ongoing rumors could have distracted him before and throughout the Olympics, he still managed to proudly represent his country.

In the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the United States went home in third place with nine gold medals. This year, the team took fourth place, also with nine gold medals. In 2002, the U.S.A took home a record for the country with ten gold medals and 34 medals total. Standards have been set high for Team U.S.A since this accomplishment, yet America has not been able to break their record since. Although many of U.S.A’s fans were shocked at the outcome of the games this year, nothing was left misunderstood by who should have won. A follower of the team during the Olympics and skiing enthusiast, Luke Martin, believes 2018 was not America’s year. “I think the biggest difference unfortunately was the performance; the medal count was on the lower side of how we’ve been performing since 2002,” said Martin.

Many athletes have simply outgrown the games. “…two of our powerhouse skiers, Ted Ligety and Lindsey Vonn, are both relatively old for athletes and didn’t perform as well, most likely as a result of their age,” said Martin. Abi Blasi ‘20, was a frequent viewer of the Olympic games. “I did not think U.S was going to win because they didn’t perform well this year,” said Blasi.

Unfortunately, it was not the U.S.A’s year at the games, but the best is yet to come. Many new athletes have made their mark this year such as figure skater Adam Rippon, who won bronze in the team event, and gold medalist snowboarder, Red Gerard. Americans are excited to see what they hold for our country in the future. The U.S.A. will take part in the next winter games in 2022 for hopeful redemption.