Art Show


Audra Saunders

Four seniors took part in the show and displayed their masterpieces. In the picture is Julia Stam, Katie Cerato ‘18, Emily Spooner ‘18, Maggie Conaway ‘18 and Mrs. Saunders. “Andres Institute people were happy to see the place alive in the evening,” said Saunders.

Kaleigh Whalen, Staff Writer

On March 23, Audra Saunders, an art teacher at Hollis Brookline High School, put on an art show for her current students’ recent pieces. The show took place at the Andre Institute of Art in Brookline, NH.

The show idolized students’ artwork and demonstrated the hard work they have put into their projects.. Many times, students create artwork that’s only left for their own keeping, and the outside world is never able to view these pieces. “It’s part of my own personal goal of teaching to increase the promotion of artists artwork [by] displaying their work,” said Saunders. Students and teachers are excited to see students expanding the art program.

The show was “well attended [with] plenty of people to talk to [about their work],” said Saunders. There were many memorable moments, but “watching the students talk about their art and seeing them so happy” was Saunders’ favorite part.

Applying real world skills to what kids are learning in the classroom is an essential tool in future education, especially in the art world. With this, many students who are not in an art class were still very interested in this event,such as students like Mary Martin ‘20, who mentioned   “students spend so much time and effort in creating these pieces…they are contributing to art and culture in society.”

Maren Anderson ‘20 also does  not take an art class, but she believes that these artists deserve recognition, “it shows creativity,” Anderson said . The art show represented a modern and eye opening way to express the students’ talent that is not always shown in a normal classroom.

Andres Art Institute was also very delighted to have the HB art students, because it opened up new experiences for them. They got to open up the art displays at night opposed to their normal hours, so frequent visitors got to see art at a different time of day. It’s “beneficial to them [the students] and connects them to more change,” said Saunders.

This art show was a great way to bring the students’ diligent work outside of the classroom and into the real world. In hopes to expand the art curriculum, this show will take place again next year.