Alpine Ski Team: A Season in Review


Trevor Cardin

Both the Hollis Brookline Boys’ and Girls’ Alpine Ski Teams pose for a team picture on the snow at Sunapee Ski Mountain and Resort. At the Sunapee competition, the girls’ team had one of their sweeping wins, coming in first place overall. While that win was incredible for the team, both the boys and girls teams said that it was the teamwork that lead them to every success. “The dynamics of the team improved a lot and we became a lot closer,” said Lysik.

Hannah Riseman, Op-Ed Co-Editor

In the 2017-2018 ski season, the Hollis Brookline Alpine Ski Teams did extremely well, improving their team spirit and continuing to ski at a top-notch level.

In the beginning of the season, the teams practiced for about a month before their first race on December 21. This year, Trevor Cardin ‘18 was the captain of the boys’ team, which only had five skiers. Jocey Lysik ‘18 and Katie Cerato ‘18 were co-captains of the slightly larger girls’ alpine ski team. Their head coach was Reed MacNeilage, who also coaches Alpine Ski Racing at Crotched Mountain; the Hollis Brookline High School home base.

The girls’ ski team had several incredible wins this year, including their fifth race, the Southern New Hampshire Championships, where they placed 2nd overall along with 2nd in the Slalom and 2nd in the Giant Slalom. Later, on February 1, they placed first in the Slalom at Crotched Mountain. Finally, at the Division II championship race, the team placed third overall, which was the highest ranking the girls’ alpine ski team has earned thus far.

“We came in third overall in States,” said girls’ team co-captain Jocelyn Lysik ‘18, “the two teams that beat us are academies, and they are on snow six days a week. And Division II is the most competitive division for skiing.” The girls were very proud of all their achievements in the 2017-2018 season; however, the state’s ranking was the proudest moment of the season. Catherine Donovan ‘20, girls’ alpine ski team member, also cited the team’s win at Sunapee as one of the season’s biggest wins.

While the girls were very proud of how well they skied, they also stressed the importance of teamwork this past season, and how an enthusiastic team spirit helped them do their best in the races. “The dynamics of the team improved a lot. We’ve been a lot closer. We had a lot of girls step up and race harder, which improved the team standings,” said Lysik. Donovan also mentioned how supportive and positive the entire team was. She said that the season was a lot of fun, that she was proud of their incredibly good sportsmanship, and how “we didn’t take [losses] to heart.”

Similarly, the boys’ alpine ski team had a great season. At their fifth race, the Southern New Hampshire Championships, the team placed 6th in the Slalom and 5th in the Giant Slalom. In the February 1, race at Crotched Mountain, they placed 2nd overall and had two boys place individually in the top ten. On February 13, at the Division II Championship at Cranmore, they placed 6th overall, wrapping up a good season.

“Considering we had a small team, we did very well. We put in a lot of work, but we did well, considering we were 6th in the state with 5 boys on our team,” said boys’ alpine ski team member Gage McElroy ‘21.

Just like the girl’s team, McElroy cited teamwork as one of their strengths. “Team-wise, we are getting along, considering there were a lot of freshmen on the team. The seniors helped get everyone together, which really helped with the races,” said McElroy. He also mentioned that the season was incredibly fun and that he can’t wait to ski next year. Unfortunately, however, he’s out for the rest of this year’s general ski season with an injury.

As for next year’s goals, both teams want to increase the number of participants. “We always need more people, as the seniors are graduating,” said Donovan. All team members interviewed said that as they go into next season, they will continue to improve their attitude and team spirit.

While there’s still snow on the ground, Donovan will be skiing for the Crotched Mountain Ski Team. As for next year, she is excited to ski for HB again. For senior Lysik, she plans on skiing at the collegiate level, but only for a club. However, she did say that most of the schools she was looking at did have very talented ski teams that she’d consider trying out for.

Overall, HB Alpine Skiing had a fantastic season and cannot wait for the 2018-2019 season to start up next year.