Christine Heaton and her Outstanding Library Program of the Year


Christine Heaton

Students work in the library collaboratively in group projects. Heaton actively worked on creating a area for classes to come in, use resources, and create great work. “This is an open-door classroom and an open-door learning space for anyone to use at any time,” said Heaton.

Emmie White, News Editor

Hollis Brookline High School’s very own Christine Heaton, librarian, has been awarded the 2018 NHSLMA Outstanding Library Program award for the fantastic library she has imagined, developed, and fostered over the last five years.

On March 28, Heaton was sent a letter by the NHSLMA (New Hampshire School Library Media Association) which recognized her and her successful program, much to the excitement of students and faculty alike. “[The award] definitely makes sense because she has done so much in the library… she does a really good job of making sure we [ students] all get what we need,” said Jacqueline Hale ‘18.

Heaton’s particular attention to detail in all aspects of her program makes her stand out as one of the best librarians. Many will maintain that the exact care Heaton takes in each of her students, their aspirations, and their interests is what keeps our library on top.

Her goals for the library are heavily based on what the students need. Rather than following a handbook, Heaton lets the students and staff decide what they need, and she accommodates them as quickly and as effectively as possible. In particular, Heaton highlighted that she recognizes our learning commons as a unique opportunity and place for the students of HBHS to learn, and that she has driven our library to become “the living room of the school” and “a place that everyone can find as a ‘landing spot’ to chill.”

“I have the best problems… what other high school consistently has 20 kids waiting outside the library a half an hour before the school day because they just feel like being there in the morning?… I can’t call that a problem,” said Heaton.

With between five and eight teacher’s assistants every year, Heaton is greatly helped in keeping her library well-organized and running smoothly. She recognizes that one strength our library possesses is the students that find a home in it. Heaton has a team, and ensures that she places her student library aids in positions that they will succeed in. With so many of them, and each with so many different strengths, the program is bound to grow while maintaining the already fantastic standards it holds now.

“There is so much technology here for students to use, and Ms. Heaton does a really good job of keeping everything organized and accessible for students. She works so hard for it, it is nice to know that she is getting recognized for that,” said Alyssa Lapierre ‘20, one of this year’s library aids.

Heaton has created an incredible learning environment here at HBHS that accommodates all students and all of their aspirations. The recognition of this award has solidified that, and will only benefit our library for years to come.