Proposing a problem with prom


Above is a picture of the 2018 Prom Facebook Page. Hundreds of pictures have been posted here as each girl finds, and is ready to show off, her dress. “It’s usually lovely.. I’m very flattered if I am asked to chaperone,” said Given.

Emmie White, News Editor

It’s prom season and, just like every year, this year’s seniors and accompanying underclassmen have purchased and committed to the dresses of their dreams.

HB is not the only school preparing for their prom. In fact, preparations have been ongoing for months here. Senior girls have been online and in-store dress shopping since the fall to find the dress for their (probably) once in a lifetime prom night. With all the time and money that goes into shopping, buying, and fittings, many seniors worry that their choice of dress will not stand out among the rest.

Introducing: the HBHS Facebook Prom Dress Page.

The page was created for girls to post a picture of their dresses to ensure that no other girl will come to our, comparably small, prom with the same dress. How important is it to not match a peer, though? Why are students so adamant about individuality on prom night?

“It depends if I know the person or not,” said Rachel Ash ‘19, who has already attended multiple HB proms. Ash furthered her opinion saying, “If [I matched] someone I was taking pictures with, I would be a little upset. And I think it depends if you are a senior: If you are a senior, and a junior wants to wear the same dress, you [the senior]  have the right to wear it.”

In comparison, Cece Fetter ‘18, who is also attending prom, used the Facebook Page to see what each of her classmates decided to wear. “I wouldn’t really mind [if I matched someone on prom night]. When I would get a notification [from Facebook] if someone posted their dress, I would go on. I liked looking through the dresses to see what everyone was wearing,” said Fetter.

The closer prom gets every year, the more drama comes with it. Similar to prom traditions, the same issues and dilemmas face prom-goers every year.  

“I know [prom] is traditional, and it is a big event, but it seems like it has gotten a bit out of hand. There seems to be so much pressure associated with prom in general… it is not a wedding, but it is like watching a soap opera unfold. Honestly, for those of us that have been teaching for a while, it is like we see the same issues every year…We get hung up on things like matching a dress for three hours. It seems silly,” said Jennifer Given, HB history teacher.

This year’s prom will be hosted on May 18 at the Marriott Hotel in Nashua, and more than 200 HB students will be in attendance, none in the same dress thanks to the Facebook Page.