A Tale to be told on Amherst St.


Pig Tale sits off of busy Amherst Street and adorns a bright orange sign. The restaurant is established in what was previously Crush Pizza Place.

Emmie White, News Editor

I pulled into the small parking lot, away from the busy Amherst Street hustle, and was met with the quiet, comforting and inviting interior that is Pig Tale Restaurant.

The Pig Tale employees were very welcoming, and so was the restaurant itself. The interior decorations are equally very modern, yet homey, making Pig Tale’s atmosphere light, comforting, and a place that is easy to come into and enjoy either by yourself or with your family. The whole restaurant is lit up by a bright sign, adorning the name of the restaurant, and an underglow resonates from the brick oven which is responsible for the creation and taste of the food.

Pig Tale is a pizza place, offering eleven different types of pizza on both their lunch and dinner menus. The Margherita Pizza, listed first on the menu, has become a fan favorite. It’s ingredients are simple: tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella.

Lining the menu are many options for salads, full plates, appetizers, and pizza for customers to choose from. The Artisan Greens Salad is your typical green salad, but elevated by the White Balsamic Dressing draped over the top. Additionally, the house chicken wings, gracefully titled Wings on the menu, are a huge hit with guests. Marinated in their “Memphis Dry Rub,” the chicken was not overcooked, overly seasoned, and definitely not your typical, overrated chicken wing.

I went on to order the Margherita Pizza, renowned wings, and artisan salad during my visit, all of which met, and exceeded, my expectations of the small restaurant.

The menu has much more to offer than just these few items.. Both the lunch and dinner menus offer full-sized personal meals. I did not try any of these items, but a few unique options that caught my eye for next time I visit included: the Yardbird chicken meal and the Catfish and Chips.

Although the food was fantastic, and many of it that I did not get to try caught my eye for further visits, the wait time to receive my food put a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. It was not a dreadful wait, but longer than desired, especially if you are of the hungry bunch.

That aside, the food options outweighed the long wait time with more than a handful of meals can be prepared to be gluten free, and a few vegetarian/ vegan options to meet all the needs of the customers.

Whether you plan to attend Pig Tale with your family or solo, the welcoming wait staff and chic interior is sure to impress you with every visit.