The flavorful taste of Buffalo Wild Wings


A typical Buffalo Wild Wings location. The store draws large crowds on game days for their famous wings and crazy sports environment.

Kyle Simpson, Staff Writer

Buffalo Wilds Wings has grown to be one of the most popular wing chains throughout America. Known for its sports theme, the restaurant draws large crowds on game days for its famous wings and its rowdy environment.

The wings at B-Dubs are famous, and for a good reason. The store offers 21 sauce options, five of which are of the dry rub variety. The menu is crafted in color-coded order, with green at the top being the “mildly spicy” sauces, progressing down to yellow and then red, which are the spiciest. The sauces vary from Sweet BBQ to Blazin’, with delicious and unique flavors in between for every palate. The simplicity of the menu allows first-time customers to easily get a sense of the spice levels, while the ranking system lets die-hard wing fans to go spicier each visit.

The size of the wings vary from a snack size (5 wings) up to a large (20 wings), with a small and medium option as well (10 and 15 wings respectively). A small size is often plenty, but leftovers are never a bad thing if you order and can’t finish a medium. In the small, you can get up to two sauces, while with the medium and large, you can get three varieties of sauces.

I have tried about 10 of the 16 normal sauces, and would recommend the Asian Zing, Parmesan Garlic, and Medium sauces. My typical order is a medium with Parmesan Garlic, and then either Asian Zing or Medium, depending on the day. Parmesan Garlic is creamy and cheesy, with a strong garlic taste and mild spice. It’s a great complement to eat after a spicy wing to cool off the heat. Asian Zing has a strong soy sauce taste followed by a spicy “zing.” It really is the perfect balance of sweetness and spice, and the unique taste draws me in every visit. Medium is a traditional buffalo sauce that you really can’t go wrong with. Don’t let the name fool you, however, as it packs quite the spice. But what the medium flavor lacks in spice compared to its hot sauce counterpart, it makes up for in buffalo flavor, as you can really appreciate the taste and the spice without losing your taste buds.

Buffalo Wild WIngs also sells burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and salads for people who are not in the mood for wings, but I personally have never tried any of these options (Who goes to a wing place not in the mood for wings?) Side options include potato wedges, french fries, onion rings, side salads, and coleslaw, all of which can be great additions to a wing meal to cool of the spice. All wing orders come with the option of carrots and celery free of charge, which can be lifesavers when adventuring to new spice levels. I normally get my order with ranch and the veggies to cool the spice.

One of the only cons of Buffalo Wild Wings is the price. After taxes, a small order of wings costs $14, so when a drink, side, and tip are factored in, the cost can hit about $20. A medium costs $20 by itself, so be prepared for the heavy price tag if you go. I recommend getting a water (which is free) to keep the price down, but can you really complain about the price when the environment is rocking?

Buffalo Wild Wings normally averages about 50-60 flat-screen TV’s per location, all of which play live, professional and college sports games. This is obviously factored into the high price, as it is basically a family-friendly bar to watch sports. (They do, however, have a separate bar). To go along with the massive TV count, Buffalo WIld Wings has lots of tables that seem to fill up every time I go. Naturally, this is going to lead to a relatively long wait for food and limited waiter interactions, but the wait to me is never a problem, considering the excitement of the games going on around you at all times. You can even request for a certain game to be put on a specific TV, which can be a lifesaver if you are put in a location where minor league hockey is on while the Celtics play.

Overall, Buffalo Wild Wings has all the benefits of a bar with plenty of TV’s and sports, but is still a family-friendly environment. If you’re in the mood for some delicious wings and want to watch the big game, there is no better place. Next time you head to the Pheasant Lane Mall, make sure to stop by B-Dubs and pick up some wings.