A quick recap of 2018 Freshman Orientation


Lin Illingworth

Transfer students gather with other HB students to ask questions and talk about the environment here at HBHS. Both transfer and freshman students were treated to many opportunities to get involved and comfortable at school.“I think the biggest take away from [Freshman Orientation/ Year] is the fact that it is a really good chance [for Freshman and new students] to define themselves and possibly reinvent themselves,” said Perry.

Emmie White, Assistant Head Editor

On August 29, the incoming freshmen and nearly 50 transfer students were invited to the annual HBHS Freshman Orientation Day where they familiarized themselves with their new school.

Every year, orientation introduces the incoming freshmen and transfer students to their new classrooms, teachers, and fellow students by incorporating a shortened schedule, an information session, and an Activity Fair. Both incoming freshmen and transfer students have the ability to sign up to receive information on and join clubs and sports teams.

The class of 2022 set off to follow through with a shortened version of their schedules to help them grasp a better understanding of the school. Anna Musteata ‘22 enjoyed getting to see her classrooms in particular and meeting her teachers. “I thought [Orientation] was just going to be an informational [session] to learn about the school, but I liked seeing all the classrooms and meeting my teachers beforehand,” said Musteata.

Prior to the Activity Fair, students were treated to an information session with the HBHS guidance counselors and staff, where they were taught basic HBHS rules/ regulations and were given their schedules and individual locker assignments.

Troy Moscatelli ‘22 took full advantage of the Activities Fair, which was hosted at the end of the day in the gym. “[Orientation and the Activity Fair] were good. I was able to sign up for wrestling and baseball… There was always a senior, upperclassmen, or teacher ready to help if anyone needed it,” Moscatelli noted.

Incorporated for the sole purpose of helping the freshman classes become involved, the Activity Fair is a long standing hit amongst both students and faculty alike. Eric Perry, who teaches science to both freshmen and seniors, favors the idea of students getting involved with the facilitation of student run affairs, “I really like the Activity Fair… It gives new people a lot of opportunity to get involved in whatever they’re into. There are a lot of different opportunities whether its academic, clubs, or sports,” said Perry.

With so much going on inside the school, it was surprisingly hard to forget about the conditions outside the school. While the temperature outside pushed nearly 100 degrees, indoors the students and faculty alike dealt with that heat throughout the day. Students maintained a positive attitude regardless… Sounds like the only thing HBHS Freshman Orientation lacked was air conditioning.