Hollis’ Foliage Viewing


Harry Bates, Staff Writer

With fall arriving, comes the awing change of pigment in the forests around town. From a favorite birch tree in your backyard, to the maple trees along the drive to school, autumn is here and the scenery is changing yet again. In this article, you will find my personal list of  the incredible places where town residents love to view the natural explosions of color.

Just a few seconds after departing from the center of town and heading towards Nichols Field, is Richardson Road. This unpaved lane adjacent to the Lawrence Barn is a picture waiting to be taken. As you drive down this quaint New England lane, you are sure to be awed by the astonishing bright colors all around you. If you’re milling around town, or have family visiting from elsewhere, take a quick detour down Richardson, and you will surely not regret it.

If you’re familiar with town recreation, then you must be familiar with the Beaver Brook trails. These cleared nature walk paths take hikers under the gorgeous trees that prove the iconic foliage New Hampshire has to offer. You will be amazed by the fireworks of organic color that surround walkers throughout the trail, and if you’re lucky, you may come across some of Southern NH’s well-known wildlife.

Another incredible spot to view the change of leaves is on North Pepperell Road. “The foliage is great and my grandma lives there, so I’ve been going there for as long as I can remember,” said Josie Farwell ‘20. This road, just like Richardson Road, is unpaved, so make sure you’re an expert at dodging potholes before trekking down this street. “The trees hang over you like a canopy, and the orange and yellow colors are so vibrant…it’s great,” said Farwell.

An unbelievable view can be found off of Long Hill Road. This location is only about two minutes from Silver Lake, and has one the largest views of the foliage in town. “It’s elevated and it looks over the valley below,” said Kylie Krivis ‘20. This outlook has a truly magnificent view of the horizon and is a must-see to any visitors or residents in town or around town.

While the spots previously mentioned are my personal favorites, other H.B. students have their own place to view to changes. “Hannah Drive has the best [foliage], because it has lots of tall trees that hang over the road,” said Meghan Veino ‘20. The trees on this road, like all others in Hollis, burst with color in late September, and leaves residents of this road in awe. “They’re pretty,” said Kateri Torgerson ‘20.

Hollis is known for it’s gorgeous autumn scenery, so if you have some extra time this season, go for a nice comfortable walk in the fresh weather, or take a bike ride down some of our town’s most scenic lanes.