Could this year be four-in-a-row for Varsity Volleyball?


Kyra Belden ‘19 is preparing to pass the ball to her teammates. Her and the rest of the varsity volleyball team are getting ready for the state championship tournament. “[The team] is working on their skills, physical and mental, to get ready for the tournament,” said Balfour.

Katelyn Sova, Staff Writer

Never before has a Division I volleyball team won the state championship four years in a row in New Hampshire, but Hollis Brookline may be the first to do so. The HB Girls Varsity Volleyball team has won three state championships in the last three years, and are working just as hard this year to secure a fourth .

It takes a lot of hard work to be able to compete in the playoff tournament. “Preparation is year round,” said Rebecca Balfour, long time coach of the varsity team. Kyra Belden ‘19, a captain of the team, is working hard along with her teammates leading up to the championship. “We’re staying really focused and going into every game with the same mentality.”

This year seems as though it’s going to be more challenging to win than the past three years. “A lot of the other teams that we’re playing are stepping up more than they have the past three years,” said Belden. Balfour also believes this year could be a challenge because the size of HB compared to others in the division is a concern, as HB is the smallest school in Division I.  

Winning the championship this year could be monumental for the team. Last year, they became the first team from New Hampshire to win the state championship three years in a row, and they are hoping for a fourth win to improve upon that title. Why hasn’t this ever happened before? “It’s hard to keep that kind of momentum going when you lose seniors who are a big part of the team,” said Ellie Jordan ‘20, another member of the varsity team. Despite this challenge, Balfour seems to think that the commitment and dedication of the HB team is enough to make it to the top once again.

If you are hoping to catch the volleyball team in action, quarterfinals will take place this Saturday, October 27, at 6:00 PM at HBHS.