World History gone international (again!)


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This picture was taken in Prague, Czech Republic. You can see the beautiful castle in the background, and the people enjoying this wonderful city. This trip will feature this city, as well as Vienna, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary. “To see a city that has existed through all those events and has been shaped by them,” will help students connect more with their history learning, said Ellis.

Ian Babcock, Staff Writer

Over April Vacation of 2019, Hollis Brookline High School students will embark on a journey halfway across the globe for a trip they will never forget  These students will be accompanied by: Christina Ellis and Jennifer Given, both history teachers, and other HBHS teachers. They will travel to major historical cities in Europe: Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

These cities are often less traveled to, compared to other major European cities, as they are located in less visited European countries: Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary, according to World Atlas.  Since these aren’t the most popular cities, it causes for people with “little expectations to be surprised by them ” said Ellis. This will be an eye-opening trip to many students, since they will be able to visit countries they never thought had these “amazing cities” in them, according to Travel and Leisure.

These undervalued cities show off history from when “World Wars turned Cold and created a counterculture to tear the iron curtain,” according to the EF Tours website.  This trip features many breathtaking locations, all with intriguing history behind them. A major part about this trip is being immersed in the culture of these countries, thousands of miles away from us.  This allows students to understand what life is like away from America, and “[indulge in] hearty Bohemian food,” according to EF Tours.

When it comes to sight-seeing, every student has different locations they are excited for. “[I’m excited for] the House of Terror in Budapest and the castles in Prague,” said Victoria Bruzik 20’.  “Experiencing and seeing the real monuments, I will be able to apply what I see to the knowledge I need to have for [World History] class,” said Bruzik.

“[Students will be able to] walk around Prague and see the beautiful architecture, do a scavenger hunt around Vienna to focus on details of the city, and tour the House of Terror in Budapest, that while it was being built as a government building, it was the Nazi headquarters during World War II,” said Ellis.  This trip allows for Ellis and Given to “teach history that we wouldn’t get to cover in class; we learn about World War I and stuff, but to see a city that has existed through all those events, and that has been shaped by them. It’s like loving a character in a story I wouldn’t be able to talk about,” said Ellis.

A major reason for students to partake in this adventure is to create memories outside of the country with fellow classmates.  Many students decide to go on this trip so they can “create new memories with classmates,” said Bruzik. These are memories students will remember forever, not only of the cities, but also for spending time with their classmates in the streets of these European countries.

After going on a trip to Italy and Greece last year, Ellis’ expectations didn’t change that much.  Because of the trip last year, “I know what to expect. I’m more comfortable on how it is going to go. I feel like I know what to expect, and have a better handle on it,” said Ellis.  

This trip will be headlined by marvelous historical sites, fascinating architecture, and wonderful new relationships. Going on one of these trips could be one of the best high school moments a student will have.  If you are intrigued about this trip, visit Ms. Ellis as soon as possible, as the roster will be final soon.