Thank you, Local Veterans


Lin Illingworth

The fantastic HBHS band plays during the assembly in the above photo.

Emmie White and Mark Labak

Every year at Hollis-Brookline, the Homefront Club welcomes veterans from around the community to honor them at a school-wide assembly. The veterans and active duty military are recognized for their service and honored at a school-wide assembly and luncheon, courtesy of the Homefront Club.

The Homefront Club, a club that supports and fundraises for community veterans,  organizes the assembly every year under the direction of HBHS Civics and Government teacher Trevor Duval. Scott Anneser ‘19, a member of the club, was humble regarding the effort that goes into the day’s assembly and luncheon. “We get together for a couple meetings to discuss all of the details.” Anneser also added that Foods and Nutrition Teacher, Candice Hancock, aided them in preparing sandwiches for the luncheon. All in all, Anneser and the Homefront Club have one goal in mind: “We just want to do our best to appreciate the local veterans and veterans everywhere.”

As usual, the assembly began with the Honors Choir’s rendition of the national anthem followed by the Concert Band’s performance of “America the Beautiful.” Both groups of musicians honored the Veterans incredibly well. “It was amazing standing behind the veterans during the music and speeches and looking out at the student body and seeing the respect and focus they had towards the veterans,” said Dana Ulrich ‘19, another member of the Homefront Club.

After the music, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. James Kelly, one of the honored Veterans, was tasked with delivering a speech to the school, and he wanted students to take away a few crucial points. “Always remember: perseverance, actions count, and it’s bigger than yourself. If you’re struggling to find the right path always remember to leave all doors open because something is bound to come your way.”

On behalf of the CavChron, thank you to our veterans and active duty military members.