HB The Change initiates Challenge Day


Challenge Day

A Challenge Day ambassador raises her hand in unison with students at an assembly.

Emmie White, Assistant Head Editor

On Dec. 6, 100 HBHS students, all of varying grades, will participate in the first HBHS Challenge Day which was organized by club HB The Change.  

With headquarters located in California, Challenge Day is an organization that travels internationally, establishing in- school field trips in an attempt to break down boundaries between students and faculty alike. The ultimate goals of the Challenge Day organization is to eliminate stereotypes, to stop bullying, and to bring high school communities together.

Our signature day-long Challenge Day is an experiential social and emotional learning program for grades 7-12 and offers schools and youth organizations an opportunity to ignite a shift toward greater school connectedness, empathy, and inclusivity,” reads the Challenge Day website.

Students from all walks of life at HBHS were invited to attend the in- school field trip that will last the entirety of the school day. Invitations to attend were distributed based on teacher’s discretion on who could benefit from the event and who can help push the event’s teachings into everyday life at school.

“[Challenge Day] comes in and they do activities and have conversations with the kids  to essentially break down the barriers between cliques and groups, and it’s just a way to enhance the community feel in the school,” says Holly Cardoza 19’, a member of HB The Change.

By incorporating conversations and games, another major goal of Challenge Day is for participating students and staff to “step back” and remember that there are people behind the faces that make up HBHS.

“Challenge Day is for teachers too. “I want to be reminded that these are kids and that they have lives, you’re not just a grade to me. I think sometimes I forget that and so do other teachers,” says Ann Melim, HBHS English teacher and co- advisor to HB The Change. Lisa Danis, English teacher, also advises the club, and the two organized the coming Challenge Day.

“We want to break barriers and let [students] see people and meet new people and make friends that you didn’t think you’d be friends with. We can all find a common denominator,” says Khushi Patel ‘19.

Leftover funds from the 2018 graduating class can be thanked for contributing to the realization of Challenge Day on HBHS soil.