Buckley’s: Hollis’ brand new bakery


Nora Miller

The new Buckley’s Bakery and Cafe location at 9 Market Place, Hollis, NH. It has a wide selection of drinks, bakery items, and meals to take out or eat in. “It’s nice to have it in our town rather than having to drive 30 minutes to get [to the Merrimack location],” said Mary Martin ‘20. “I think they have more seating and more options in terms of food and beverages.”

Nora Miller, A&E Editor

On Dec. 15, Buckley’s Bakery and Cafe opened in Hollis. This new cafe has brought the hot coffees and fresh baked goods, sandwiches and salads from the original Merrimack location right to the center of Hollis. After a month of business, Buckley’s has found its niche in the Hollis community as both a quick stop before school or work and a sit-down place for casual meals.

With its convenient location near the center of Hollis, many people are turning to Buckley’s for their morning coffee. “I always like to get my coffee there. I run on caffeine, so having that in town is definitely nice,” said Mary Martin ‘20. “It switches things up from what we usually have.”

Buckley’s isn’t focused just on grab-and-go drinks, though. Their selection of paninis, salads, and assorted hot dishes and soups can support sitting down for a full meal. “I’ll get food, sometimes a salad,” said Tess Crooks ‘19. “They have good vegetarian options.”

Besides various coffee drinks, Buckley’s also has smoothies, frappes and teas to choose from.

If you’re looking to find a new coffee place, but don’t want to spend too much money, Buckley’s is the place to go. Buckley’s ends up being not much more expensive than HB’s go-to, Dunkin Donuts. A small coffee at Dunkin Donuts is $1.59 hot or $1.99 if iced, while a hot or iced coffee at Buckley’s is $1.75.

Though some of its grab-and-go options may overlap with the products of other Hollis businesses, the cafe aspect of Buckley’s seems to be one of its most unique elements. “It is the only place in Hollis that you can really go and sit down and get a coffee that isn’t just Dunkin Donuts,” said Crooks. Buckley’s has brought the casual, sit-down atmosphere of coffee shops and cafes, which previously have only been available in other towns, right to the heart of Hollis.

Having a bakery, cafe and coffee shop all in one central location is making Buckley’s very popular. “I think a place that brings things that you might be able to find other places together in one makes it a lot easier for people with different tastes,” said Kat Townsend ‘19, an employee at Buckley’s. The varied menu makes get-togethers easy when there’s something for everyone and it’s right in the center of town.

Not only did Buckley’s bring new food and drink to Hollis; it also brought new employment options as well. Since there aren’t many businesses hiring high school students in Hollis, having a new business close to home and school is a more convenient option, which many HB students have taken advantage of. “There’s a lot of juniors from HB who work there,” said Townsend. “There are also some kids from Nashua too.”

For students, Buckley’s has proven to be a great location for studying. “I went with my AP Gov group and with a friend to study for AP Environmental Science,” said Crooks. There’s lots of seating space to spread out with a textbook and free wifi if you’re using a laptop or phone.

The opening of Buckley’s has added a new layer of food options and get-together locations for the Hollis community. Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee fix or a new study spot, Buckley’s is definitely worth a try.