You: a review


Katelyn Sova

You is available for streaming via Netflix. The series has received many positive reviews since its release in Dec.. “[The show] unfolds with the sort of momentum, chemistry and solid structure that other new TV shows would do well to study,” Washington Post.

Katelyn Sova, Staff Writer

You is a newly released Netflix original show, based on the novel written by Caroline Kepnes. The series follows Joe, a creepy bookstore manager, who falls in love with Guinevere Beck, a woman he met at his bookstore. Initially, he uses social media and the internet to stalk her. However, as the plot progresses, Joe begins to follow Beck around in real life, claiming to be protecting her at all costs.

A significant portion of the series is told as a voiceover from Joe’s perspective, giving us insight into his thoughts and motives on why he is stalking Beck. The first-person narrative also gives us an insight into Joe’s mind and explanations for his odd, and quite disturbing, actions as he tries to get closer to Beck.

The show has been highly spoken of by critics. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 91%, and IMDb rated it 8/10. A second season of the show has already been confirmed, according to NME, and is going to be based on the book Hidden Bodies. Hidden Bodies is the sequel to the original novel You, also written by Caroline Kepnes.  

Despite these high ratings that You has now, it wasn’t always so well loved. You originally began on Lifetime and premiered in Sept. of last year, but the ratings were so low that the show was cancelled after the first season. So, why is this show so successful now?

In early Dec., Netflix picked up You and ratings skyrocketed. Netflix said You was on track to be watched by almost 40 million people in the first month it was available to stream.

Additionally, this show brings into the light how dangerous social media can be. Joe was easily able to find Beck’s social media platforms, her address, and information about her friends, and used this information to stalk her.

The show demonstrates how blurry the line between being in love with someone and being obsessed with someone can be. Joe tells himself he is in love with Beck, but his actions say otherwise. His creepy behavior is much more obsessive than Joe wants to admit.

This show is currently available to stream on Netflix, but it is rated TV-Mature, so it is not suggested for younger viewers. The new season of You is projected to be released sometime this year.