Donate for change


Paisley Broadhurst

The board outside of the lunchroom displays the Red Cross Club’s upcoming events and useful information for the students. “Our club works to help the Red Cross as much as we can, such as hosting the blood drive,” described Sophia Whipp ‘20.

Paisley Broadhurst, Staff Writer

On Jan. 30, the Red Cross Club held its annual Blood Drive in Hollis Brookline High School’s mini gym. Students aged sixteen and over were given an opportunity to donate their blood where it is then taken to hospitals and given to patients who are in need of it.

According to Sophia Whipp ‘20, who is a part of the Red Cross Club and helped run the event, there are only a few states that allow people to donate their blood at the age of sixteen, and New Hampshire is one of them. Many students aren’t aware of this nor of the impact that donating their blood could make. She also added that many people think that  Red Cross Club members must donate blood during the drive, which, she stated, is not the case at all. Whipp explains that it is a choice for an individual to make on their own.

This year we had around ten students who donated, most of which were juniors,” said Whipp. She continued to explain that many students don’t sign up to donate their blood due to the fear of needles. Emma Ruvido ‘20, being one of these students with that fear, decided to sign up to donate her blood despite this. Unfortunately, her experience didn’t go at all the way she expected and would not consider donating her blood again.

On the other hand, Kateri Torgerson ‘20 had a smooth experience and would donate again.

“[The process] was really long. We had to sit in chairs and then they took us to booths where they asked us questions,” Torgerson explained. She then continued to say how participants of the Blood Drive were required to take an online survey concerning potential medical conditions and health inquiries.

The Red Cross Club has at least one blood drive each year. “The blood drive is one of our most successful events every year and one that we love to do so that we can help the Red Cross and our local communities,” said Whipp. This spring, the middle school will be hosting its own blood drive.