What else does the Life Skills program have up their sleeve?


Myra Morin

This is the Life Skills bulletin board. Though it is currently blank, the next rendition is sure to impress.

Myra Morin, Staff Writer

The Life Skills program has their own blackboard decorated with all kinds of themes ranging from holidays and seasons. What will occur next, will it be about spring or will it be about the next holiday, St. Patrick’s day? Or will it remain a secret…?

Their last decoration board was themed Valentine’s Day and was cute and loving. They put a lot of time and effort into it to show their hard work and dedication. They decorated it with hearts with the students names in them, as well as adding candy for students to take.

Michelle Sacco, head of Life Skills program, says, “the kids really enjoy doing this because they want students to see what their other peers can do. I also want to make others more comfortable with the life skills students.” It’s very important to her to make her students feel the same as everyone else.

When decorating, they put candy up on the blackboard, and the kids are even involved with the shopping for the candy. Sacco says, “we go shopping together to get the candy and everyday we put a certain amount of candy up, and at the end of the day the students use subtraction to know how much candy was taken from the board.” The students learn practical skills in decorating the board they learn how to plan, shop, and use mathematics all in one.

One of Sacco’s students, Riley, was asked if she enjoyed helping out making the blackboard and she gave an enthusiastic response of “YES!” Riley also stated that “It’s fun. I love to put up lots of pictures and candy.” Riley really enjoys what her other classmates and herself do to make this blackboard come alive.

What will be next for the blackboard? In order to figure out what the blackboard will be for this month, Sacco needs all the help she can get. “I don’t know whether to do a spring theme or do a theme about autism awareness;, I want the help from you guys.”

The blackboard is one way to allow students to connect with the Life Skills program and appreciate all the effort they put in for the students to look at.

If you’re willing to help the life skills blackboard come alive this month and next month by helping select their next theme, stop by room 270 and give your input or go to cavchronline and put in your vote today using the poll below!