Spring fling prep


Kaleigh Whalen

With student council hard at work, they have been planning the look of the mini gym. “We’ve been planning color schemes and floral decor that would flow nicely with our spring theme,” said Mary Martin ‘20. Flowers tend to be a big theme for the night.

Kaleigh Whalen , Staff Writer

As the Spring Fling Dance approaches quickly, the student council is working hard for this event to be a night to remember. By March 15, the mini gym will be decorated and filled with students socializing and having a good time. Many students will be attending the dance and are already planning their nights: “I’m excited to dance with my friends and get all dressed up,” said Meredith Yardley ‘20.

Many more factors go into planning these dances than just decorations. The junior class student council has been planning this night for months. Mary Martin, the Student Body Vice President for the junior class, is one of the lead organizers for the event. “Right now we are organizing things from decorations to police coverage, so we’ve been contacting the Hollis Police station,” says Martin ‘20.

Even though the dance is a school event, the gym is not always available, so choosing the right day where it works for everyone can be difficult. “A lot of people are not aware of some behind the scenes work that needs to be done for this special night,” says a student body representative Ari Friedman ‘20.

Not only does student council have to plan out this event and decorate, but they also have to stay for the entire night from 5:30 to 10:30. A table is set up in the main gym with water and snacks to raise money for future events such as prom and graduation.

The student council is very excited to put on this Spring Fling Dance for the first time ever. “We are all really excited for this super fun night, and we are hoping for a larger turnout [opposed to the Harvest Ball],” says Friedman. Make sure to mark your calendars for this Friday to have a fun and eventful night at the Spring Fling!