What is a Cavalier?


Nate Blake

The Cavalier mascot logo on the floor of the back lobby.

Nate Blake, Staff writer

When examining the Hollis Brookline High School mascot, it’s easy to get confused about what the Cavalier actually is. Is he a swashbuckling pirate? A brave, sword-wielding knight? The answer is neither. What it means to be a Hollis Brookline Cavalier is about more than just a mascot. And with spirit week in the rearview mirror, it’s time to show what it means to be a Cavalier.

Being a Cavalier requires good character. “Being a Cavalier is awesome!” said Kyle Swope ‘19.

We help our fellow Cavaliers classmates through the hardest of challenges, in and outside of school. From athletics to clubs, being a Cavalier means we pour our heart and soul out into everything we do. “I love being involved with all my clubs,” said Khushi Patel ‘19, Student Body President. Students take pride in the work they do and are always trying to better the community. Hollis Brookline students and faculty members represent the Cavaliers because we are brave and always willing to try new things; we are willing to give back to the Hollis Brookline community. Raising funds for the less fortunate, marking different trails around town and providing entertainment in a small town are just some of the things we do as Cavaliers.

It’s easy to dismiss the Hollis Brookline mascot because it’s one of a million mascots in the country. “It’s not just a mascot, it’s a lifestyle,” said Ram Senthilkumar ‘20. It doesn’t matter what symbol we choose to live by, but it’s important to know that the Cavaliers all live by a certain standard while attending HBHS. The mascot is simply an embodiment of the spirit that each and every student in HB possess and every time we cheer, “Go Cavs!” we need to remind ourselves the great legacy that we cheer onward.