Prom Season


Shannon O'Connor

Peyton O’Connor ‘20 is trying on prom dresses in early February. Going to prom as a junior, she says, “it should be a fun experience and make planning for next year easier.”

Josie Farwell, Staff Writer

How early is too early to start thinking about prom? With prom set for May 17, many girls have already bought their prom dresses. A lot of planning has to go into prom: who you’re going with, how you’re getting there, and what you’re doing afterwards. Here at HB, a popular senior opinion is that the juniors who are attending Senior Prom shouldn’t even start planning until at least April.

“It’s hard for girls because prom dresses are such a huge thing, but I would say you shouldn’t start thinking about prom until at least February,” says Joe Messina ‘19. Shopping for prom dresses can be a long process, so girls have started as early as December, five months before prom. Messina said he is going for something unique when it comes to tuxedo shopping: “I have begun to look around for what I could possibly wear,” he says. “I’ve worn some funky suits in the past — floral, all pink, etcetera —  so I’m looking to keep the trend going.”

Steph Menard ‘19 has gotten her dress already, but “only because [she] had the opportunity to get it for free. If [she] didn’t have that opportunity [she] wouldn’t have gotten it until April.” Menard thinks it’s way too early to start thinking about prom, “especially for juniors.”

Prom can either be a big deal or just another Friday night. Depending on how long some have been looking forward to it, people start thinking about prom as early as freshman year — maybe not the logistics, but definitely the idea of it. So, when is too early to start thinking about prom? Apparently any time before February, according to most.