Got a problem? The Math Team can solve it

Maddie Goodwin, Contributor

The Math Team has started off their year well, winning their first meet. The meet was last Wednesday at Pembroke Academy and won their division. This win is no surprise, considering the team has won multiple times in the years that they have been competing, winning first place in both divisions and at state math meets. The team has been undefeated since 2003 when they won third place. “What is so amazing about the team is that our school is so small but we have forty kids on the team. We have anywhere from athletes to student council members,” Mrs. Plummer, co-founder of the Math Team said.


The team has about forty kids, some taking the team very seriously. The team has what is called a “Varsity Team” which is made up of 10 students who received the highest scores in the previous meet. “Some members are more competitive than others, trying to get the highest score to get on to the Varsity Team.” Mrs. Mooers, co-founder of the team stated.  Their next meet is November 13 in Bedford. The team is always looking for new people, “Anybody can do this. You don’t have to be a math wiz,” Mrs. Mooers said.


For more info on how to sign up Mrs. Mooers and Mrs. Plummer can be emailed here:

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[email protected]


The sign up sheet for the Math Team: