Kelsey Sweeney reaches 100 goals


Emma Maxwell

The girls lacrosse team celebrates after Sweeney recorded her 100th career goal. The “countdown” was at 98 entering the game against Keene on May 9, but fans didn’t have to wait long for number 99 and 100. “The milestone came as a pleasant surprise,” said Sweeney.

Kyle Simpson, Staff Writer

Kelsey Sweeney ‘19 scored her 100th career varsity lacrosse goal during a game against Keene on May 9. Entering the game with 98 goals, the fan’s anticipation was high with the achievement in sight. Before the first quarter ended, Sweeney scored two goals and reached the triple-digit milestone.

Sweeney has consistently racked up goals over her four-year varsity career but has always been more focused on team success. “I never really had my eye on 100 goals until my coach told me I was getting close. Over the past four years, it was never about goals, it just came down to what could help us win games,” said Sweeney.

Sweeney plays an offensive role positioned behind the net, which has allowed her to see the field and tally both goals and assists. “I like to feed and look for [teammates running in towards the goal]. I actually have more assists than I do goals, which I definitely think has been more important to our team and our success than any amount of individual goals,” said Sweeney.

Defender, Caroline Smith ‘19, has been Sweeney’s teammate since they started playing in second grade, and has witnessed her score most of her goals. Watching from the defensive end, Smith is not surprised by Sweeney’s success. “She makes it look very easy. She was such a powerhouse last year and has got even better. She knows what works well for her and its been fun to watch her dominate,” said Smith.

Sweeney’s success has also had an impact on the younger players, who recognize Sweeney’s achievement and acknowledge her as a model for future personal goals. “Kelsey leads by example. By watching her I have learned to really be patient on offense and look/wait for the perfect pass, and learned to play with confidence” said Abbey Magnuszewski ‘21. Magnuszewski, a sophomore varsity starter, has had the benefit of playing alongside Sweeney, but even those watching from the side on JV have been able to learn from her and will attempt to fill her goal-scoring void in the upcoming years.

Sweeney’s scoring streak has lead the Cavaliers to a blistering 11-0 start, but she is quick to credit her teammates for the success. “Our team works as one unit and it’s never about one individual player. We always support each other and work together, on and off the field, which has been the most important aspect of our team dynamic,” said Sweeney.

Sweeney has now scored well over 100 goals and has recorded nearly 40 goals through 11 games this season. Still undefeated, the team now hopes to make a run towards a championship.

Congratulations to Kelsey from the Cavchron staff!