Another upbeat musical event: Invitational New England Concert Band Festival

Harrison Newman, Contributor

Each type of music is different, and each musician is different, but at the Invitational New England Concert Band Festival all high school musicians will be bringing his or her own spice to the event. The only way to play at this concert is to be an advanced musician, and be invited by the committee that runs the festival.

The musicians from Hollis Brookline are first recommended by Mr. Umstead, the head of the music department. Each of them must show outstanding skill and mastering of their instrument of choice. Representing HBHS this year will be: Amanda Blair, Michael Ross, Sam Whitaker, Devon Orr, Mandy Graves, and others.

 The students will arrive to the festival in the morning and will begin by being divided into different groups. The groups are made up of random high school students from across New England. They have the entire day to rehearse and be ready for a performance at night. “This is my first time going, and I’m really looking forward to working with new people, new conducting styles, but everyone there is really good so it will be good,” said flutist Mandy Graves.

 The Invitational New England Concert Band Festival will be a huge event that all of the top high school musicians across New England will be attending and playing in. It will be held at Plymouth State University on November 25.  HBHS is ready to have fun, learn new techniques, meet new people, and play amazing music.