Made for this



Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, Torey Krug, and David Pastranak (left to right) celebrate their goal. “I love you all my brothers…4 more wins is our goal,” Marchand says in his Instagram caption after game four against the California Hurricanes. The team is ready to give it everything they got to earn the title Champions.

Paisley Brodhurst, Staff Writer

Six years ago, the Boston Bruins lost in the Stanley Cup Final when the Chicago Blackhawks scored two goals within 17 seconds to finalize the score. That devastating loss was the last time they had made it to the Stanley Cup, until now. The team made of black and yellow is still putting up a fight as they have stayed aggressive throughout the playoffs.

The Bruins played against the Toronto Maple Leafs in a tight series. Each game brought suspense to the fans as they shot back and forth until game seven arrived.

If anyone knows New England Sports, they know that they have a strong fanbase. The TD Garden filled up with cheering fans of all ages. The Bruins have many supporters, including Patriot Quarterback, Tom Brady, and retired Patriot Tight End, Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski opened up game two for the Bruins by spiking a puck on the ice causing an uproar in the crowd. The night ended with a 4-1 victory from the Bruins.

Losing the last game of the series was not an option if the B’s wanted to move on. Game seven rolled around, and so did a few tweets from Brady. He egged the Bruins to pour it on, following with a joke in which Zdeno Chara should consider becoming a tight end for the Patriots during their off-season. After a tough fight, the Bruins won and were ready for the next round. “Great win. Keep going. #MadeForThis,” tweeted the six-time Super Bowl Champion, congratulating the Bruins’ win.

Next, the Bruins went head to head with the Columbus Blue Jackets, who shut out their previous opponents, Tampa Bay Lightning, 4-0. The Bruins didn’t let Columbus’ success affect their mindset as they put up a good fight resulting in a series victory 4-2.

Progressing to the Eastern Conference Finals, the Bruins competed against the Carolina Hurricanes. The team played against an old friend, Dougie Hamilton, who was a part of the team in their 2015 season. Despite the history, there was no warm welcome for Hamilton as the crowd booed him every time he touched the puck. The crowd went wild after Hamilton received a penalty resulting with time in the box. The stadium echoed as fans ridiculed and chanted “DOUGIE” repeatedly.

The Bruins took a strong 2-0 lead of the series at the Garden and then traveled to Raleigh to play on Carolina’s home ice. Having to travel outside the TD Garden did not affect the tenacious Bruins. Captain Zdeno Chara sat out game four, which would have been his 99th consecutive playoff game played, due to an injury. Patrice Bergeron states that “the fourth game is always the toughest game to win in the series, no matter where you’re at,” but the Bruins managed to keep him in high spirits as they won 4-0,  successfully shutting out the Hurricanes at their home arena.

It’s not determined who the Bruins will play in the Stanley Cup series yet. There is an ongoing series between the St. Louis Blues and San Jose Sharks, where the St. Louis Blues lead 3-2. On the other hand, the Bruins have some time before they step back on the TD Garden ice to play in one of the most important series of their lives. Alex Basbas, a Spanish teacher who is a big fan of the Bruins, is concerned that the Bruins “are going to have to wait a while before it starts.”

Their first game of the Stanley Cup playoffs will be on May 29.