Student Government Elections


Harry Bates

Students from all classes fulfilled their civic duty by voting for their desired 2019-2020 representatives. Ballots were color coded and boxes were organized by class.

Harry Bates, News Editor

During CAVBlock last Wednesday, student government candidates from all classes spoke to their student bodies in an attempt to sway voters before the election. All positions, excluding Secretary for the class of 2022, are filled with vibrant aspiring public servants ready for the new school year. Starting in September, the head of the student body’s government will be rising Senior, Mary Martin ‘20.

An incumbent 2020 treasurer running for reelection, Ram Senthilkumar ‘20, lost his seat in Wednesday’s election. “I wasn’t confident, because a lot of rumors were going around that I wasn’t doing my job,” said Senthilkumar. “I’m upset that I lost, but I’m not upset that I lost to him [Ryan Coutu],” he explains. He further elaborated that a ballpark estimate of 90% of senior dues need to be collected next year, a task that he finds will be difficult for the renewed Ide administration to cope with. He concluded that “Coutu is a great guy, and the council is in good hands.”

Results below:

Student Body President: Mary Martin ‘20

Student Body Vice: Jess Hu ‘21


Incoming Senior class (2020):

Class President: Joshua Ide

VP: Henri Boudreau

Secretary: Lillian Coady

Treasurer: Ryan Coutu

Representatives: Harry Bates, Ari Friedman, Katherine Fry, Noah Penesack, Madeline Harley


Incoming Junior class (2021):

Class President: Joey Oetjens

VP: Meghan Flannery

Secretary: Caitlyn Treacy

Treasurer: Cassie Shoots

Representatives: Dan Aulbach, Lia Eisenberg, Annie Hazelton, AnnMarie Tremblay


Incoming Sophomore class (2022):

Class President: Abbie Ogren

VP: Sam Shepard

Secretary: seat left unfilled

Treasurer: Jalisa Cora

Representatives: Rin Bateman, Lara Coady, Emily Otte, Kelsey Sova