Old Home Days fundraising: is it worth it?


Abigail Ogren ‘22

Stanley, the adorable golden retriever, sits behind the soccer team’s booth waiting for customers. This was taken at Old Homes day at the HBHS girls soccer booth. Abigail Ogren ‘22 said, “Stanley is so cute!”

Ella Mouradian, Staff Writer

On Sept. 13 and 14, the scent of fried dough and cotton candy filled the air at Nichols Field. This year, fundraisers were held by various clubs, sports teams, and student councils. Generous amounts of money were spent on the supplies for the fundraisers. However, was all the money spent worth it? 

The Class of 2022 President, Abigail Ogren ‘22, strongly believes that every bit of profit is worth it. This year, Ogren helped with the Hollis Brookline High School Girls Soccer Team’s booth and the Student Council’s booth. The Soccer booth held a puppy pen and the Student Council booth made and sold friendship bracelets. 

“Although we did not make a ton of money for both booths, each penny counts.The small amounts of money that we made will most certainly make a difference. For soccer, the money raised is put mainly towards our team. But we also donated to the humane society. For student council, the money made will go back to our savings,” said Ogren. 

Samantha Shepard,Class of 2022 Vice President, had a similar opinion. Shepard, after helping with student council’s booth, said, “We made all our money back and then some, so I’d say it was successful, but we did buy a lot more supplies than necessary so we probably spent more than we should have.” 

Nonetheless the extra supplies will not go to waste. Jamie Johannsen, a social studies teacher and Class of 2022 student council adviser, believes that it is beneficial to have extra supplies. “Supplies for future fundraisers… is a good starting point,” said Johannsen. Now, there is money accessible for when needed and the soccer team was able to donate to the Humane Society.

Even though it was argued that too much money was spent on supplies for the fundraisers, a surplus of supplies will help student council for future events like Old Home Days. “We plan on using our profits for future events, but saving most of it for bigger events in the future. What we spent was most certainly worth it, even though it may not seem like it,” said Ogren.  

Still, next year student council plans on cutting down on the money spent so they can reach their goal of a large profit. Shepard said, “I would redo it by buying less supplies, only what we really need, so we can end up making more in the long run.” 

Overall the fundraising at Old Home Days was a success. In the end, the money earned at Old Homes Day will benefit all groups who run a booth including: student council, sports, and clubs . Next year will hopefully lead to a higher profit.