The fall appeal


Leaves are changing and dropping all around New Hampshire, setting the scene that leads us into the beautiful season of Autumn. “How could you not love it?” said Sattler ‘20

Lauren Hunt, Staff Writer

Moving to New Hampshire came with some difficulty in finding the real appeal of the state. Sure, the scenery is beautiful and there’s nice weather for most of the year, but that could apply to any state. That is, until the air begins to cool and the leaves start to change. 

 “My favorite season is fall because the colors are beautiful; one for photography and two they’re just aesthetically pleasing,” said photography enthusiast Sara Hamblett ‘20. Autumn in New Hampshire attracts people from all around with the cooling temperatures and the changing colors of nature surrounding us, but there’s more to the season that makes natives fall in love with it every year. Laura Considine ‘20 says fall is her favorite season because “it’s cool, and the leaves are beautiful, and all the bugs finally start dying so it’s tolerable to be outside.” 

Hollis seems to be a place based around many traditions. “Nobody does fall like New Hampshire, because everybody gets together and celebrates holidays with each other as a community, and there’s just so many traditions in our community,” said Sattler ‘20.

 Not only do the colors of changing leaves capture one’s attention, but the festivities around this time seem to contribute to people’s liking of the season. “The holidays that come with fall like Thanksgiving and Halloween I think are just fun,” says Considine ‘20.  

What really seems to make New Hampshire great and differentiates this state’ from the others seems to be the incredible reds, yellows and oranges that transform the leaves.  “I find the beauty in the fall to be in the crisp air and the colorful leaves changing and falling, I also like the apple cider and Halloween, which are some of my favorite parts of fall,” says Morgan Sattler ‘20.

Compared to other areas, New Hampshire seems to be a state with a wide variety of hues. The picture-perfect scenery compliments the state as a whole. Hamblett ‘20 says, “Green is great and all but orange and red are much prettier.” Considine ‘20 agrees, saying, “I spend a lot of time in North Carolina, and even in the mountain regions, it doesn’t get the same colors or the same weather that it does here.”   

Not only are the changing leaves and cooling temperatures wonderful attributes of this magnificent season, “It’s not too hot when you’re taking pictures of people so they aren’t sweaty, and it’s not too cold so they’re not wearing a bunch of winter clothes,” says Hamblett ‘20. It seems that the traditions make the season even more special: trick-or-treating during Halloween, grabbing a mouth-watering cup of hot apple cider or gathering around for festivities with friends and family. 

What truly makes fall such a great season, that many favor, can’t be described by one word; yes, the colors the festivities and the weather are all nice but it’s truly how fall makes us feel as a whole.