Goals for the final push


Leslie Eisenberg

The boys huddle up together before their match. The team is currently 9-5-1 as they begin to wrap up their regular season. “I feel like we have grown both as players and brothers,” said Ethan Smith ‘21.

Adam Razzaboni, Staff Writer

The Hollis Brookline Boys Soccer Team has found themselves in a difficult position this year as they are currently placed 11th in standings. The team has struggled through the halfway point of the season, but they have managed to obtain a 9-5-1 record with one tie against Bow.

The main goal for the team this year has been to  develop chemistry on the field. There are many moving parts on the 11-man unit out on the field, so developing a sense of knowing were their teammates are is important for the team to operate effectively.

“I definitely feel as though chemistry has become a key factor in some of our better wins. When everyone is on the same page we seem to get the job done,” said Liam Troddyn ‘21. Troddyn has had a steady season for the varsity team as he has contributed to two goals and three assists. One of his most memorable goals came in the final seconds of the Kearsarge match, where he was able to score the game-winning goal.

Chemistry will definitely be a factor for the team as they try to finish off the season on a high note. Contributing to this, the rest of their games for the season are against low seeded teams. “I think hopefully we can walk out 4-0 and win out. But Pembroke is a tough match up, being that we did lose to them last year in the finals,” said Ethan Smith ‘21. Smith has had a steady second year for the Cavaliers as he has recorded four goals and six assists. 

Although the Cavaliers are currently ranked out of the playoffs, the team doesn’t feel that has accurately represented their season. “I think our placement in the standings doesn’t truly show who we are as a team; it took a couple games to find out our identity as a whole and I think for the rest of the season we will keep going up in the standing,” said Bryan Wright ‘21.

Wright has been having a sizable season for himself as he has been responsible for five goals and three assists in his third varsity season. He has given the team the boosted scoring they have needed all year and brings a sense of leadership to the locker room for the Cavaliers.

“I am very confident with how we are rolling right now. We seem to be finding where we best thrive as a whole unit,” said Wright.

Backed with leadership and talented players, the team still has the championship in its sights. But with the season coming to an end, the boys are focused on winning their season their last game.