Homecoming 2019: Bringing it back


Emma Stoll

“It’s an amazing opportunity to have a good time and you only have a certain amount of time at high school, so go and do it!” said Putney ‘20. What do you think could be done to improve the homecoming experience?

Emma Stoll, Features Editor

It’s late October. The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting colder, and the halls of Hollis-Brookline High School are buzzing with the excited chatter of its students. They’re all planning for the popular event coming up on Friday: the Homecoming dance. HoCo season has arrived, and it’s stronger than ever before.

Based on popular demand, homecoming has come back from its brief respite following last year’s Harvest Ball, and the staff and students have lots to say about this year’s homecoming celebration. Some were worried that it would be much like the Harvest Ball, which wasn’t the most popular event in HB’s history. Others were excited that the dance is back this year. However, everyone agreed on one point: the homecoming dance needs to be more than just a dance; it needs to be an event.

“They should add more cool stuff. Like, they should have limbo and bowling and cool games. That way if you [don’t have a date] such as myself, you can do cool stuff and not just stand around,” said Renee Franzini ‘20. 

If students aren’t dancing in the mini-gym, they’re mingling in the main gym. Organizing games in the main gym would give the students something to do that allows them to socialize and enjoy themselves without having to shout to be heard over the music.

“Hire a DJ. Make it more of an event, instead of just sticking a bunch of light around the gymnasium and playing something off a student’s iPhone,” said Jess Putney ‘20, on making homecoming more of an event. Adding some more variety to the music would certainly be helpful, especially since there’s a good diversity of music taste at HB.

The Homecoming dance is a staple in high schools across America, and it has the potential to be a much bigger deal here at HB. “I think it could be an important part of the culture,” said teacher and senior class supervisor, Tori Flaherty. She believes that Student Council’s addition of blue and white day this year, where students wear HB’s school colors the day of homecoming to demonstrate school spirit, was a step in the right direction. 

“I love school spirit, I think it makes school fun, and this lands at a time of year that’s really stressful for a lot of kids. It’s towards the end of the quarter, college applications are coming up, and I feel like it could be a really good opportunity to let loose and enjoy each other’s company. So I wish we could do more of it,” said Flaherty.

All proceeds raised by the event support the Class of 2020, and the seniors play an integral role in arranging the big event. So not only is it a good way to get out of the house and spend time with friends on a Friday night, but it’s also a good way to support the senior class in paying for coveted events such as graduation and prom.

Homecoming this year was a huge success, with the senior class raising $3,361 for future events. This year was a great final homecoming for the seniors, and hopefully, next year’s senior class will continue to make the event even better by adding games, music, and more!