Must-watch scary movies


Lauren Hunt

Whether sitting in the theater with popcorn in hand or at home all comfy and cozy, scary movies are something many people enjoy. Find out what the students of HBHS think good scary movies to watch are.

Lauren Hunt, Staff Writer

What’s your favorite part of “the spooky season”? Could it be the planning of your costume for Halloween? Or perhaps you like the thought of all the candy that will be on sale after the month is over? Or, maybe you’re just really excited that it’s an appropriate time to have a scary movie marathon. Just in case you’re out of ideas when it comes to indulging in frightening, fear-inducing movies all night, this is what some students, here at HBHS, think five of the best scary movies you should be watching are.

  1. IT (2017)

Based on a classic novel by Stephen King, some agree that the newest version, which was released on Sep. 8, 2017, is truly a great movie because of how it plays on many people’s fears of clowns. If you’re afraid of clown demons, you’re  in for a good scare. Set in 1989, the film begins as the small town of Derry, Maine is hit with a wave of fear by a terrifying clown named Pennywise, but the movie is often simply referred to as ‘It’, wanders the streets looking for children to feed on. Seven kids are united by their odd encounters with this evil clown and they’re determined to kill “It”. The dark setting, and old small town vibes mixed with the thought of a clown that could pop out at any time, leaves people on the edge of their seats. Whether you’re in search of a classic, as in the original movie version released in 1990, or want the new take, “IT” is truly a movie set out to scare this spooky season.

2.The Babadook (2014)

This is a movie about a newly widowed mother who battles with her son’s fear of a monster lurking throughout their house.  She quickly discovers a sinister presence all around her, falling into a deep state of paranoia after reading her son’s book, Mister Babadook. This deeply disturbed story is sure to send chills down your spine. The depressing ambiance and use of dark and grey light in scenes give any viewer chills down their spine.  “It’s really cool and creative unlike most horror movies,” said,John MacFarline ‘22. He enjoys the creepiness of not knowing what might pop up on the screen next. If you’re into horror movies that mess with the mind, “The Babadook” may be the movie for you.

  1. The Nun (2018)

Based on the infamous “Conjuring” series, this horrifying thriller explores the deep evils inside a Romanian abbey, which helps to create the dark and haunting tone of the movie. The creepy atmosphere, built with dim lights and fog, helps set the mood. After a priest is sent to investigate a young nun’s mysterious suicide, dark and grim secrets come to light in a horrific battle between the living and the demonic. If you’ve seen any movie from the “Conjuring” series, you know this movie is out to scare. “One classic horror movie would be “The Nun” if you’re looking for a scary Halloween movie it’d be [The Nun],” said Laura Considine ‘20. If you’re someone who can’t handle jumpscares, this movie may not be for you because it is full of attempts to make you squeal a little.

  1. The Shining (1980)

Another classic Stephen King adaptation, this movie is based in the Colorado Rockies. Jack Torrance and his family head up to the Overlook Hotel to take care of it for the winter. What they don’t know is that the hotel has a very dark and violent past. SPOILER ALERT: As the days pass, Jack seems to almost go insane on a mission to kill his family. Jack gets more and more angry with his wife and child, being told by the demons of the hotel to take their lives. His son, Danny, does his best to stop his father using his gift, “the shining.” The sinister idea of the movie is sure to creep you out: “it’s good and it’s actually scary,” said Miles Keefe ‘20. 

  1. Coraline (2009)

I’m sure a lot of us remember this movie coming out and not being like most other animated films, likely scaring our childhood minds. “Coraline” takes a dark turn when the main character, Coraline, discovers another dimension in her house that contains a “better life.” When the Other Mother reveals her sinister secrets by trying to take Coraline’s soul and sew buttons into her eyes, she manages to take Coraline’s real parents and hide them. Coraline is on a mission to stop the Other Mother and free everyone that the Other Mother has held captive. It’s truly a movie that gives you the creeps. Griffin Harper ‘21 said he likes Coraline, “because I love the animation, the stop motion is really cool, and I think it influences a lot of art that I do.” This thriller sets out to scare young and adult minds alike with it’s disturbing plot of children-eating spider woman, and spooky characters with button eyes controlled by the Other Mother, this is a highly recommended movie to watch.

Although this list could easily go on, these are the top five scary movies you must watch. Whether you and your friends are spending a night indulging in scary movies, or if you just want to scare yourself silly, there’s a movie out there for you.