Should music programs have a home in high schools?


Members of the Honors Jazz Band pose with their instruments at the end of rehearsal. The Honors Jazz Band plays everyday during Period 4. “HBHS would be at a serious disadvantage if they deprived their students of a music program,” said Mary Martin ‘20.

Elise Dinbergs, Co-A&E Editor

At HBHS, band and choir classes are available along with electives such as Music Theory, Guitar and Improv. This allows students to bring out their creative side on their own, even if they don’t want to participate in an ensemble. Given the choice, students are encouraged to use the right side of their brain to indulge in a different kind of class. Students are more apt to choose a performing arts class if they are able to choose what program they would like to do, without pressures from others to pick a topic.

Music carries a positive impact that can have a lasting effect on everyone who is involved in it. To be able to create or interpret music, one must be able to feel the emotions that are created by it.

 “You can’t make music without emotionally investing yourself,” said the Choir Director, Matthew Barbosa. The musician is the one who defines the mood of the piece, so that their audience may interpret it. This is not easy, as many technical requirements are involved in making a piece of music sound sufficient.

Just like any other category of classes, an art credit is required to graduate from HBHS. The school is fortunate enough to have a variety of art classes, ranging from visual to performing crafts. 

I don’t think music should be required at the high school level. Students have been exposed to music since kindergarten, so if they want to continue with their exploration of the field, they should have the choice,” said Mary Martin ‘20. Students should be able to experiment with what they like best, rather than being forced to fulfill credit requirements. This gives them the opportunity to branch out more and to try new things.

“The most valuable thing about music is that it brings students together of all grade levels,” said the Band Director, Charles Rogers. Partaking in  the music department brings unique opportunities for students of every grade level to interact with their peers and to feel more comfortable with them. It also brings together the community under a shared interest.

Music deserves a spot in high schools because of how valuable it is to not only the students, but also the community around them. If music wasn’t offered, then those kids who would like to participate in ensembles wouldn’t get the chance to. Music education classes are where kids who are talented vocally or instrumentally are allowed to hone their skills, without having to travel to outside ensembles, and where students are able to feel comfortable playing an instrument or singing with their peers.