Football Champions


Amanda Brown

The boys of the Hollis Brookline football team fought hard at the DII NHIAA Football Championship. This was the football team’s first appearance in the championship game. “I felt like it was a great end to one of the most fun seasons I’ve ever played,” said Parr.

Amanda Brown, Op-Ed Editor

After a grueling game against three-time champion Plymouth Regional High School, Hollis Brookline put up a vicious fight. Even with the rain pelting down, there was no stopping the HB football team, nor the Hollis Brookline fans. 

With Plymouth scoring a touchdown within the first five minutes of the game, HB felt the pressure. Persevering through the cold rain and winds, HB pulled through and started halftime with a lead of 8-7. 

After the half, the HB offense really found their stride, and pulled a lead of 24-7, each touchdown followed by a successful two-point conversion. The defense proved to be a strong force, by only letting one more touchdown squeak by. “It was fantastic to watch the effort the boys put out,” said Samantha Messina ‘21. 

As the game clock continued to run out, the final ten seconds were counted down for the whole stadium to hear by the HB fan base. The clock hit 0:00, and the game finished with the entire Hollis Brookline side erupting in cheers, as HB had finally won their first state championship. 

“We had really good chemistry, and it helped bring us together to win,” said lineman Josh Parr ‘21.

While the rain may have been pelting, it was no match for the HB fan base. Cheers were erupting from the HB crowd all night, and didn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.  “I felt that although very cold, it was a good game with lots of excitement,” said Hannah Brown ‘21. 

After a long back and forth, with interceptions and fumbles from both teams, Hollis Brookline left Wildcat Stadium with a state championship title, winning 24-13. The players giddy with excitement, they arrived in Hollis with a police and fire escort back to the high school.