How HB celebrates the holidays



Mrs. Heaton and Mrs. Saunders in the library taking a holiday photo The teachers pose for a picture celebrating holiday break. “Being with family is really the most important thing” said Ellie Jordan ’20.

Lydia Daskalos, Staff Writer

Every family has a different holiday tradition. Whether it’s baking with the family or Secret Santa, these traditions are what make the holidays special for each family. Each student at HBHS celebrates the holidays differently from one another, but all are always eager to start Christmas break.

Jonah Sacks ‘22 celebrates Hanukkah with his family for the holidays. He gets together with his family and friends to light the Menorah each day of Hanukkah. A tradition for Sacks and his family is to make Sufganiyot, a traditional jewish food that is made like jelly donuts. But apart from baking, “The most important part to me is lighting the Menorah and lighting more each night,” said Sacks. 

The lighting of the Menorah is very important for Sacks and his family, and he really enjoys spending the lighting with them and his friends. He loves how it lasts eight nights, because they have fun doing something different each night.

Casey Orner ‘22 celebrates the holidays a little differently in her house. She celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah and is always excited to get together with her family, appreciating one another, and spreading love and kindness. 

She will light the Menorah each day of Hanakkah with her family and then will celebrate Christmas when it rolls around. Orner is usually home for the holidays, spending it with her family and aunt.“My favorite part of the holiday is sleeping in my sister’s room because we’re always laughing and talking and staying up late together waiting for Christmas morning” said Orner.

Celebrating Christmas is a big deal for the Jordan family. Ellie Jordan ‘20 loves celebrating Christmas and wouldn’t want to do it without her family and friends. Sometimes she will take a road trip to Portsmouth or go Christmas shopping with her family.“My favorite part of the holidays is when you’re on break and you can just stay home, make christmas cookies and watch christmas movies!” said Jordan. 

Christmas break is extra exciting for her since she gets to relax and spend quality time with her family.“Being with family is really the most important thing and just spending time with them really completes the holidays.”

No matter how HB students celebrate the holidays, one thing seems clear:the holidays aren’t as special when they aren’t spent with family.