The Musicians of Guitar Night


Guitar Night fueled for some huge performances by brothers Sean and Alex Tisa ‘21. The twins rocked the audience with all of their sets, combining for seven songs on the night. “Once we got on stage, it all turned out great,” said guitarist Sean Tisa ‘21.

Adam Razzaboni, Staff Writer

On Dec. 13, Hollis Brookline held its much anticipated 90’s themed Guitar Night. The three hour event was a sight to see as students and staff from across all grades came to perform some of the 90’s most coveted songs. 

One participant, Sean Tisa ‘21, played five songs during the night on his guitar. He was nervous before entering the stage, but then got into the groove and felt more comfortable as the performance went on. “I think the best part of the night was seeing the way all the songs turned out,” said S. Tisa, “Once we got on stage, it all turned out great.”

Tisa also performed with his twin brother Alex Tisa ‘21 throughout the night. The two play guitar together regularly, although there was a different sense of excitement when they were both able to perform together on stage. “Sean [was very entertaining to watch], he was out there the whole night and had a really good night and played a great show,” said A. Tisa.

Besides playing with his brother, A. Tisa also played in two songs for another band, one on the guitar and the other on bass. “There were a few bumps here and there, but it was great. Hopefully, I can lay down some more songs at the next one,” said A. Tisa. 

Josh Parr ‘21, a second-year Guitar Night performer, is a student many are used to seeing on the football field. Just recently coming off of a football state championship, Parr was seen back up on the stage this year. Rather than putting on his pads, he played three songs on the guitar under the bright stage lights. “It was a great time, I thought it was awesome, my whole family was there and I was glad to be in the moment,” said Parr after the performance. The trio of guitarists were excited to play their rendition of “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys halfway through the night. 

Parr was quick to recognize Matthew Barbosa’s performances at the beginning of the show as the standout performance of the night. “I think he did really well performing ‘Enter Sandman.’ He brings a lot of stage presence; he’s a great performer and teacher.”

The final product of the show was great per usual; however not too many know how much time is put into rehearsals, lights, and even the bands themselves. Guitar Night is truly the grand finale of all the hard work and time the students and staff have put into their performances. “If you’re thinking about doing Guitar Night do it. It’s a lot of fun and a great time” said Parr.

Guitar Night is very special to every musician or singer who has played before, and is very accepting for whoever wants to perform. The night was wrapped up with many amazing performances by Rachael DeLong ‘22, Helene McNabb ‘22 and Darcy Hinkle ‘21.