HB Ski Team


Sara Hamblett ‘20

Photo is pictured at Pats Peak Ski Area in Henniker, New Hampshire. “I’ve been skiing since I was three years old, so I love to ski. I love going fast and just getting on the mountain and having fun,” said Mr. Robinson a teacher, an avid skier, and ski team coach.

Lauren Hunt, Staff Writer

Believe it or not, winter time has arrived, which means snow is falling, and a new sports season is starting up. Ski team is one of those sports, getting many students at Hollis Brookline eager and preparing to get out on the slopes this winter. Students and teachers alike enjoy the speed and racing aspects of skiing. “I love to ski,” said member Connor Cardin ‘21. “The people on ski team are great, we go to the mountains three days a week and just race, learn how to race, and get to teach kids how to race.” Both students who have very little experience skiing and students who are dedicated skiers participate on our school’s ski team.

However, due to weather, ski season hasn’t gotten off to the best start. “[The season has] not particularly [started off well] since we just lost most of the snow [due to rain],” said Cardin ‘21. Despite this, the team is excited for what’s to come anticipating and ready for more snow. With the unpredictable and hopes in not interrupting training or races the weather is a key in accomplishing this year’s ski season. With the weather being sunny and in the forties one day, and very rainy the next, the Hollis Brookline ski team relies on favorable weather, along with not so much rain, very little ice, and the right amount of snow for success. 

Ski team involves traveling with your teammates practicing around three times a week at Crotched Mountain and training to compete in races that take place around Crotched Mountain and Mount Sunapee near Newport and Sunapee, New Hampshire. The team works on going fast and playing to your strengths as a racer and skier. “I would [reccomend the ski team] it’s a lot of fun and it gets you better at skiing even if you’ve never skied before,”  said Benny Palmer ‘22 a member of the HBHS ski team this year.

Ski Team is all about racing and although it is a team effort, skiing is overall more of an independent sport compared to others.  If you’re looking to join the team, “You have to know how to ski at least a little bit but you don’t have to be an experienced racer, that you can learn as the season goes on,” said Milton Robinson, teacher, and assistant coach.

“[Ski team] is a lot of fun and it’s a great group of kids,” said Robinson, who recommends that those who love to ski should consider joining the team.

All in all, the ski team is a great opportunity for those who are looking to grow as skiers, or those who want the opportunity and the appetite to ski more, be more involved in HB sports and expand their social circles. “I’ve done a ski team before outside of school and I loved it so much so, I joined our school’s [team],” said Benny Palmer ‘21. For ambitious or avid skiers, and maybe even those who would just love the chance to race, they might want to consider joining the ski team.