Mr. Rogers: the Man Behind the Baton


Lin Illingworth

The new band teacher, Charles Rogers, is conducting the concert band during the Veterans Day assembly. Although he just began teaching at H.B.H.S., many of the students seem to enjoy his teaching style. “I really like the songs he chooses and the way he tries to conduct the songs,” said Rachel Brackett ‘22.

Amy Pattelena, Staff Writer

After David Umstead, the former band teacher, left Hollis-Brookline High School, the school was in desperate need of a new band teacher. Charles Rogers, a former Hollis Brookline student and recent college graduate, decided to fill that spot.

Rogers was introduced to the position after Umstead encouraged him to apply, and he was ecstatic to be back and a part of this community again.

“I’m a former Hollis Brookline student, so I knew the program pretty well. I just got out of college, and this is a strong program that I wanted to be a part of,” said Rogers.

He successfully got the job, and has loved his brief time at H.B.H.S. so far. Although any transition comes with its own complications, he believes it’s going really well regardless. He enjoys how the year has been going so far.

“I really like working with these ensembles, and these students, and the community has been super supportive. I also really like all the other teachers,” said Rogers. 

Rogers has gotten positive feedback from many of his students thus far, who enjoy having a new face in the school. Both Rachel Brackett ‘22 and Miles Montgomery ‘22, members of the HB Concert Band, feel positive about the new teacher.

“It’s a fresh idea on how we play our music. Everything’s new, and I think it’s good to have different teaching styles, especially in music,” said Brackett. Rogers is fresh out of college, and many students appreciate his youth.

“I think he’s young and hip, and I think he knows what’s cool and what’s down with kids. I like him a lot,” said Montgomery.

Rogers has been playing music since middle school, and shared the same band director as many of the current H.B. students: Mr. Hinkle. Hinkle has provided lots of support to Rogers and encouraged him on his journey. “He seemed pretty encouraging with the idea of me becoming a band director,” said Rogers. He also enjoys playing music professionally outside of HBHS as a hobby.

Rogers currently teaches ensembles at H.B.H.S., including Honors Jazz band, Jazz Band, and the Concert Band. He is thinking positively towards his career back in the Hollis Brookline community. Welcome back to HB, Mr. Rogers!